Zelenskyy announces powerful steps to create tribunal against Russia

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has announced important steps to be taken next week to create a tribunal regarding the aggression of the Russian Federation, and he also promises new sanctions decisions.

Source: President's evening address

Quote: "The next week will be quite important from the point of view of our fight for justice for Ukrainians, that is, for punishment for the terrorist state and all its war criminals. We are preparing several important, powerful steps to further consolidate our partners and give more energy to the creation of a crime tribunal of Russian aggression, and to speed up the defeat of the terrorist state.

It is not enough for Ukraine and the world that Russia is weak, as it is already happening. It is necessary that it fully answer for everything it has done.

We are also preparing new sanctions decisions against individuals and companies that work in the military-industrial complex of terrorists, against foreign entities whose supplies help Russia prolong this aggression. Our decisions will be made public soon."

Details: Zelenskyy emphasised that Ukraine will do everything possible to make Russia answer for what it has done as soon as possible.

"Everyone who prepares such missile strikes [as in Uman on 28 April - ed.] cannot help but know that they will be complicit in the murder. Everyone who points and launches missiles, who maintains aircraft and ships for terror. Not only those who give orders, but everyone, you are all terrorists and murderers and you should all be punished. And certainly those who committed the original crime from which all others began, the crime of aggression against our people, against our state," the President said.

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