Zelenskyy fears Trump’s potential return to the White House — WSJ

Zelenskyy doubts that Trump would really be able to stop Russian aggression

“In such a situation, when support is in place, you fear changes. I’ll tell you honestly, when you talk about a change in administration... How do I feel about it? Like any person. You want change for the better, but it can be different,” explained the head of state.

Regarding Trump’s statements claiming that he could stop Russia’s aggression against Ukraine within a day, Zelenskyy stated that the former US president had the opportunity to halt Russian aggression but failed to take any action.

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“Of course, we want to end the war as soon as possible. It is not related to the administration (of the US president). Whether it remains the same or changes. President Biden is the president during a full-scale war, and he has helped us more than President Trump. If we talk about the administration,” said Zelenskyy.

“However, we must understand that there was no full-scale war at that time. I don’t know how Trump would have acted. I don’t understand why Donald Trump said, ‘I would have seated Putin and Zelenskyy (at the negotiating table) within 24 hours and ended the war.’ Well, he could have done that when he was (the US president). But it didn’t happen.”

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“Yes, the issue was not as acute at that time because there was no full-scale invasion, if we analyze it. However, our territories were nevertheless occupied,” emphasized the Ukrainian leader.

Former President Donald Trump was impeached by the U.S. Congress for withholding military aid to Ukraine in an effort to force President Zelenskyy to open a criminal investigation into his political rival — current U.S. President Joe Biden.

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