Zelenskyy gathers warriors in Kyiv and addresses Ukrainians from there

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has spent the whole Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with soldiers, and in the evening he gathered some of them in the Mariinsky Palace in Kyiv to express his gratitude.

Source: Zelenskyy in his evening speech on 6 December

Quote: "Today is the day of our gratitude. This is the meaning of 6 December – and it will be forever. Now, this is the only way our people will celebrate the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – with words of gratitude, feelings of gratitude, tears of gratitude.

I am sure ‘thank you’ has been said, or simply thought, millions of times today in Ukraine.

When the Day of the Armed Forces is a holiday of gratitude in a state, I am sure that such a state cannot be defeated and cannot be broken. And we all surely saw that today, and we have seen it again."

Details: The President pointed out that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been defending Ukraine from Russian aggression for 8 years and 286 days, and that thousands of Ukrainians have given their lives for victory and freedom.

All those gathered there observed a minute of silence in memory of those who have been killed on the battlefield.

Zelenskyy said that it was an honour for him to spend the whole day together with the defenders of Ukraine. He had visited Donetsk Oblast in the morning and gone on to Kharkiv Oblast shortly after.

The President stressed that 60 more warriors returned home from Russian captivity today.

Quote: "Here, now, in the Mariinskyi Palace, are our heroes, relatives of our warriors, commanders and representatives of combat brigades and units who have just arrived from the front and are returning to the front line again. Where it's really hot. Where they are truly fighting for our freedom, for our independence, for our children.

And I want to express to everyone present what is, I am sure, in the heart of every Ukrainian today: I thank you! I thank each and every one of the soldiers, sailors, sergeants, sergeant-majors, officers, heroes, generals and, of course, all your fathers and mothers, our dear, esteemed Ukrainian warriors.

I wish you all one thing - victory! For all of us. You deserve it! All our people deserve it. All our parents, our children deserve it. Our state and history deserve it. To finally gain victory."

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