Zelenskyy: Persevering through this winter means withstanding everything

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that Russia still has an advantage in artillery but does not have the level of motivation Ukrainians do.

Source: President’s evening video address

Quote: "We have to do everything to endure this winter, no matter how hard it is. And we will endure. To endure this winter is to defend everything. Russia still has missiles and an advantage in artillery. Yes, but we have something that the occupier does not have and will not have. We are defending our home, and that gives us the strongest motivation possible. We are fighting for freedom, and that always multiplies any force. We are defending the truth, and this unites the whole world around Ukraine."

Details: According to the President, the Ukrainians have to help each other and not let internal conflicts break out in order to get through this winter.

"To get through this winter, we have to help each other more than ever and care for each other even more. And please don't ask if you can help, and how. Just help when you see you can," he said.

"There can be no internal conflicts and strife, which can weaken us all, even if someone out there thinks that somehow it will strengthen him personally. We need more cooperation than ever," Zelenskyy pointed out.

He has also urged everyone to perceive each day not as a challenge but as time that brings Ukraine’s victory closer.

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