Zelenskyy praises Ukrainian Air Force for decent performance

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On Saturday, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy lauded the Ukrainian Air Force for decent results of their work, and thanked the military personnel.

Source: evening address of the President

Quote from the President: "Today, our Air Force has [been showing] a good result – Kalibrs [cruise missiles], an attack helicopter of the invaders, and drones were shot down. I would like to thank all our defenders of the skies in the Skhid (East) Air Command. Well done, today and always.

Each good result means saved lives of our citizens; it is an opportunity not to be afraid for all our people. We will do everything possible to ensure that Ukraine can fully defend its skies from Russian missiles and aircraft. This is one of the fundamental issues for our state.

And, of course, we are grateful to all our partners who help with the answer to this challenging question. Helping Ukraine with air defence is the most literal, most obvious way to protect people from Russian terror."

Details: Zelenskyy assured listeners that the Ukrainian artillery is doing everything possible to destroy the offensive potential of the invaders, "so that every Russian HQ, all their ammunition storage sites, and all logistics routes in the occupied territories are neutralised."

"I want to thank our soldiers who deliver this. Today, in particular, I would like to mention the soldiers of the 55th Artillery Brigade on the Donetsk front for accurate fire on the invaders. I’m grateful to both our intelligence service and the Security Service of Ukraine for the accuracy of our strikes on the positions and targets of the invaders," the President said.

Background: On Saturday, the Air Defence units of the Ukrainian troops destroyed one helicopter, three UAVs and five Kalibr cruise missiles in different locations.

Also on Saturday, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit three control points of the invaders; a facility used as accommodation by their troops was destroyed.

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