Zelenskyy: Russian aggression approaching point at which it could burst

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has thanked Ukraine’s partners following the 10th Ramstein-format meeting and said that Russian aggression is approaching the point at which it could burst.

Source: Zelenskyy's video address

Quote: "Another meeting has been held in the Ramstein format, the tenth one. Ammunition for our soldiers, artillery, tanks, protection of the Ukrainian sky – all this was discussed. There are solutions. Thank you to the United States, which coordinates Ramstein, and all our partners for their unflagging willingness to help.

This is especially important now, when we feel that Russian aggression is approaching the point when it could burst…

No terrorist can build up its potential while in confrontation with the free world. Russia is no exception.

We must constantly increase the pressure on terror. The pressure in our defence, in sanctions against Russia, in destroying the ways the Russian state and its companies circumvent sanctions, in political and legal pressure.

The more pressure there is, the faster we will move towards restoring our territorial integrity and the international legal order. We are doing everything we can to make [our] partners feel this need to keep up the pressure…

The world needs to know that the terrorist state seeks to bring destruction not only to our people, but to all peoples who want to be free."

Details: Zelenskyy added that he is constantly in touch with the military and commanders.

He also commended the soldiers who are delivering results in critically important frontline areas: "Bakhmut. Donetsk Oblast in general. But also the south. And Kharkiv Oblast. We do not forget about any fronts of the state's defence."

In particular, he thanked the soldiers of the 54th and 92nd Separate Mechanised Brigades – "for their stability and strength in Bakhmut".

He also thanked the 3rd Operational Brigade of the National Guard and the border guards fighting for Bakhmut, "for their bravery and for replenishing the exchange fund".

He thanked the 15th Separate Regiment and the 1st Presidential Operational Brigade of the National Guard "for their results in the battles for the cities in Donetsk Oblast".

He thanked the border guards of Kharkiv Oblast "for their strong opposition to the enemy".

And he thanked the 406th Separate Artillery Brigade and the 131st Separate Reconnaissance Battalion "for the defence of Kherson Oblast".

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