Zelenskyy states that Russia wants to capture eastern Ukraine and criticises those who relax in peaceful cities

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that Russia wants revenge, the occupiers want to capture the east of Ukraine.

Source: Press conference following the Ukraine-EU summit

Quote: "What to prepare for? We are in the process. We are already getting ready. Intelligence and the military: we believe that the pressure will increase in the east of the country.

Russia wants revenge. They want revenge exactly where it didn't work out [for them – ed,]. It wants to capture the east. Our task is not to give such an opportunity, not to give until the moment when our army is strengthened with appropriate weapons. I believe that we have every chance.

Also, they will want to come back and take revengeful steps, remembering the defeat they had in the autumn, on the Lyman front, etc.

Our resilience there also depends on weapons and motivation."

Details: The president states that at the beginning of the invasion, the motivation and spirit of Ukrainian society was stronger.

In particular, there was a feeling that the entire Ukrainian society was united and in a state of war against the invaders, but now Zelenskyy has the feeling that some Ukrainian cities are on a holiday.

According to him, this is a manifestation of weakness. He called on Ukrainians to remind those who are "relaxing" in Ukraine that we are all at war and to remember the beginning of the invasion in February 2022.

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