Zelenskyy has told where he will go after the victory of Ukraine


President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announces that one of his first foreign visits after Ukraine's victory in the war against Russian aggression will be to Polish cities that especially helped Ukraine.

Source: Zelensky on a joint briefing with Polish President Andrzej Duda

Quote: "Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity today, because of the war, to go to some cities that either existed as humanitarian hubs, or hubs for the supply of weapons, or beautiful cities that hosted our people, especially women and children. I don't have the opportunity to go today and just thank these people and these cities. But I am sure that after our victory, these will be some of the first cities that I would be happy to visit."

Details: Zelenskyy also said that he sees Poland among the leaders of countries that will help in the restoration of Ukraine.

"To build Ukraine with our people, with a new quality of infrastructure, we need to unite the EU countries, the United States, and all our friends. We also see Poland among the leaders of those countries that will be in the program of restoration of Ukraine," he said.

Zelenskyy said that he supports the idea of a meeting of officials of Ukraine and Poland, who "will definitely meet and consider certain important things".

The president also noted that there were many moments when he and Andrzej Duda dealt with issues of armed support for Ukraine, but they cannot yet be discussed publicly.

"We are grateful to Poland; its citizens worked constantly, daily, and the president of the Republic of Poland personally played a special role in strengthening and supplying weapons. After the victory of Ukraine, and therefore our common victory, we will be able to remember many details, many nights when we constantly communicated and personally dealt with issues of different kinds of armed support for Ukraine… Actually, these were really very difficult issues. But it's nice to remember that in such difficult moments, we have friends who make these moments easier," Zelenskyy said.