Zelenskyy: Ukraine will definitely return to Donetsk

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On the last weekend of summer, when Ukraine has traditionally celebrated Donetsk City Day and Miner’s Day, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reiterated that Ukraine will definitely return to Donetsk and other cities in Donbas.

Source: President Zelenskyy’s video address

Quote: "Donetsk has always been one of the richest and strongest cities in Ukraine. Mining has always been one of the most respected professions. Now Donbas has almost been destroyed, devastated, by Russian strikes. The proud and glorious Ukrainian Donetsk has been humiliated and looted by the Russian occupiers.

Russia’s absolute disregard for the value of people’s lives and its absolute disrespect for everyone are the most horrifying things that it has brought [to Donetsk]. The invaders came bearing degradation and death. And they believe that they are there forever. But they are only there temporarily.

Because Ukraine will return. For sure. Life will return. The dignity of the people of Donbas will return and they will be able to live again, to live safely and happily. This is exactly what our Ukrainian flag will symbolise when we raise it in Donetsk, Horlivka, Mariupol and all the cities of Donbas; in Pryazovia [territories on the coast of the Sea of Azov - ed.]; and in all [the other] territories that remain under Russian occupation in Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts. And [we will] definitely [raise it in] Crimea."

Details: President Zelenskyy also added that Russian occupying forces will feel the effects of the decisions reached during the secret meeting he held with security and defence representatives on Sunday, 28 August.

Quote: "All the issues we considered are important, but secret, I cannot go into detail. But the upcoming actions of our defenders will make the occupiers feel [the meeting’s] consequences."

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