Zelenskyy warns Russian occupiers: We will strike harder than before

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine said that Ukraine’s defence forces [collective name for all Ukrainian military formations involved in the ongoing combat in this country - ed.] will strike the occupiers "harder than before".

Source: President Zelenskyy’s video address

Quote: "Many of the Russian soldiers have by now realised that they don’t stand a chance in Ukraine, that they will be defeated. The smartest among the Russian soldiers surrender and we guarantee their rights under the [Geneva] Conventions will be protected.

And we will continue pressing forward, to make all occupiers realise this. We will strike them harder than before."

Details: President Zelenskyy said that the situation on the front has not changed significantly over the past day.

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine, our intelligence units, the Security Service of Ukraine, and the National Guard are gradually, step by step, driving the occupiers out from our land. But we need more time and more effort; we still need to be fully focused on defence and to preserve all our strength," he underscored.

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