Zemmour visits former Calais 'jungle', protesters turn out

Pitching his vision for France's relationship with the EU, Zemmour rubbished President Emmanuel Macron's quest for deeper European cooperation as a folly that put the needs of French citizens in the hands of an illegitimate Brussels elite.

He said on Wednesday (January 19) France should remain in the EU, the world's largest trade bloc. But echoing arguments used by the 'Leave' campaign in Britain's 2016 Brexit campaign, he denounced the destructive interference of a disconnected Brussels elite in the daily lives of European citizens.

During Zemmour's visit, a group of Calais residents staged a protest against the presidential candidate to protest what they called 'xenophobic' ideas in his election campaign.

About 30 protesters held up signs and chanted against Zemmour outside a bistro in the town of Marck, near Calais, where he was dining during the day-long visit.

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