The zero-waste bus delivering affordable food during lockdown

A mobile grocery store is delivering healthy food to Johannesburg's inner city residents. Shoppers use their own containers to buy only what they need.

Video Transcript


- It's like a lunchbox. It's an insurance for your stomach that when you have this skhaftin, you won't starve.

SANELE MSIBI: We have porridge, mabele porridge. We have brown sugar. And our best seller, black beans.

- Most of us, you know, there is no jobs. And most of the time, you don't afford to buy groceries, full proof groceries. So, with them, you are able to buy most of the things that you need, like especially in a week's time, that should be enough for you.

ILKA STEIN: We knew, kind of, that food was important, and that we had an interest in it, and we wanted to see how could a different way of access to food look like. And we looked into concept of zero waste. We got a group of 12 young people together, and this is where the journey then really started.


REFILOE MOLEFE: 20 rands a bunch. I work so much with Skhaftin because we started feeding the community when COVID started. We decided to say, since there's COVID, people who are locked down, they cannot have access as they used to be to come to the farm. So, we have to introduce a bus, which will deliver the food to the people at their doorsteps.


- So, it teaches people to live less and sustainable also. And buy what they can and afford at that time. And also, whatever that they can buy, it can also last, because this thing, it will last me-- it will last me for months, you see? But the price that I had to pay for this thing, It's so less.

- Skhaftin.