Zidane hopes to turn Barcelona success to Champions win in Moenchengladbach

RESENDING WITH COMPLETE SCRIPT VIDEO SHOWS: VARIOUS OF REAL MADRID AND MOENCHENGLADBACH TRAINING / NEWS CONFERENCE WITH SOUNDBITES FROM BORUSSIA MOENCHENGLADBACH COACH MARCO ROSE / NEWS CONFERENCE WITH SOUNDBITES FROM REAL MADRID COACH ZINEDINE ZIDANE / NEWS CONFERENCE WITH SOUNDBITES FROM REAL MADRID MIDFIELDER TONI KROOS EDITORS PLEASE NOTE: CONTAINS WHITE FLASHES SHOWS: MOENCHENGLADBACH, GERMANY (OCTOBER 26, 2020) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 1. REAL MADRID DEFENDER, SERGIO RAMOS, AND MIDFIELDER, LUKA MODRIC, WALKING ONTO PITCH TOGETHER 2. DEFENDER, MARCELO, ON PITCH 3. REAL MADRID SQUAD GATHERING FOR TEAM TRAINING SESSION 4. DEFENDER, EDER MILITAO (LEFT), FORWARD, VINICIUS JUNIOR (RIGHT), WARMING UP AND KICKING BALL WITH ANOTHER TEAM MATE (BACK TO CAMERA) 5. MIDFIELDER, ISCO, ON PITCH 6. MIDFIELDER, FEDERICO VALVERDE, ADJUSTING SCARF 7. REAL MADRID COACH, ZINEDINE ZIDANE, WALKING ONTO PITCH AND SPEAKING WITH PLAYERS 8. SQUAD HUDDLED ON PITCH AS ZIDANE SPEAKS 9. ZIDANE SPEAKING TO HUDDLED SQUAD 10. BALLS ON THE PITCH 11. RAMOS; AND MIDFIELDER, TONI KROOS, DURING TEAM TRAINING SESSION 12. ZIDANE WEARING A MASK AS HE WATCHES TRAINING SESSION 13. SIGN READING IN SPANISH: 'WELCOME' WITH REAL MADRID AND MOENCHENGLADBACH TEAM LOGOS 14. SQUAD TRAINING IN EMPTY STADIUM MOENCHENGLADBACH, GERMANY (OCTOBER 26, 2020) (UEFA - NO RESALES. NO COMMERCIAL USE. MUST ON-SCREEN COURTESY "©UEFA 2020".) 15. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) REAL MADRID COACH, ZINEDINE ZIDANE, SAYING: "But we're happy with what we did over the weekend (against Barcelona). I think we should be happy about what we did. Most of all for having a good game over the 90 minutes as a team. We only look at the job we do. And it's the same thing tomorrow. We know we're going to play against a tough team. That's how it's going to be every three days. We'll play against a team that can you put you in a tough spot at any point of the match. That's why if we always dig deep and play strong for 90 minutes from minute one until the end, well we have the chance to get the points and that's what we want to do tomorrow. We will try to repeat what we did in the weekend's match and that's it." 16. WHITE FLASH 17. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) REAL MADRID COACH, ZINEDINE ZIDANE, ON HIS FUTURE WITH THE CLUB, SAYING: "We have a match tomorrow and I am only and solely thinking about tomorrow's match. And that's it. Everything else - I'm going to be here until the last day fighting doing things the way we always have as a team, as a unit as a group. And everything else, we'll see." 18. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) REAL MADRID MIDFIELDER, TONI KROOS, SAYING: "Well, I think, against Cadiz, for example, none of us played at our potential, me first of all. And if that's the case, it doesn't work no matter who you play against. If you play like that, you'll lose to a third division team too. But that's how it goes. Sometimes you have a match like that. Against (Shakhtar) Donetsk we lost our confidence after their first goal. At the end we made a try, but it came a bit too late. But like I said, sometimes that happens. The good thing is we never gave up. That's what we saw on Saturday (October 24 against Barcelona). Even if we lose two matches, we keep trying to push on and change the situation, but it doesn't mean all is right now either. Yes, we won a match, an important match, but we have another final tomorrow. We need to show once again that we can change more and I think we have to play better than we did on Saturday to win tomorrow." 19. WHITE FLASH 20. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) REAL MADRID MIDFIELDER, TONI KROOS, ON BEING IN GERMANY AND IF HE HAS ENTERTAINED OFFERS FROM OTHER CLUBS, SAYING: "Well, I always like coming to Germany because it's my country and my language and it's a bit easier for me. But as I always say, I really enjoy living in Madrid and especially playing at Madrid. And yeah, over six years you always get offers (from other clubs), but I've never spoken with another group because I am very happy in Madrid and my thought is to end (my career) here." MOENCHENGLADBACH, GERMANY (OCTOBER 26, 2020) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 21. MOENCHENGLADBACH PLAYERS BRINGING BALLS ONTO PITCH FOR TRAINING 22. BALLS COMING OUT OF NET 23. PLAYERS ON PITCH 24. PLAYER MATTHIAS GINTER ON PITCH 25. TRAINING IN PROGRESS INCLUDING GLADBACH PLAYER JONAS HOFFMANN 26. GLADBACH PLAYERS HOFFMANN AND TOBIAS SIPPEL KICKING BALL 27. BORUSSIA MOENCHENGLADBACH TRAINER MARCO ROSE WALKING ONTO PITCH 28. PLAYERS TRAINING MOENCHENGLADBACH, GERMANY (OCTOBER 26, 2020) (FOHLEN TV - ACCESS ALL) 29. (SOUNDBITE) (German) BORUSSIA MOENCHENGLADBACH COACH, MARCO ROSE, SAYING: "If we are taking part in the competition then we of course don't only want to look on in amazement, but we want to play good matches. We want to show what we can do and prove ourselves and we want to bring in positive results as that is what it's about in the end. It's not about good catchphrases. But yes, when Real Madrid is here, we want to use all our chances and that's that. That's what it's about. But we also know that it is a huge challenge for us." MOENCHENGLADBACH, GERMANY (OCTOBER 26, 2020) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 30. GOALKEEPER JANN SOMMER WARMING UP 31. PLAYERS WARMING UP 32. ROSE ON PITCH MOENCHENGLADBACH, GERMANY (OCTOBER 26, 2020) (FOHLEN TV - ACCESS ALL) 33. (SOUNDBITE) (German) BORUSSIA MOENCHENGLADBACH COACH, MARCO ROSE, ON ZINEDINE ZIDANE, SAYING: "For me it is of course, a great honour to play against such a great person and coach and I have a huge respect for what he has achieved. And I have been able these last days to experience what he is like when things don't go as planned and now they are back on track after El Clasico and that is what makes him stand out, his calmness and clarity that comes from experience." MOENCHENGLADBACH, GERMANY (OCTOBER 26, 2020) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 34. PLAYERS TRAINING STORY: Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane hopes to build on the momentum from the weekend's 3-1 win over Barcelona in La Liga when he leads his said against Borussia Moenchengladbach in the Champions League on Tuesday (October 27). The win in Barcelona on Saturday (October 24) ended a nightmarish week for Real Madrid after they suffered shock defeats by Cadiz and Shakhtar Donetsk. The Spaniards will be looking to turn their Champions League campaign around after their opening loss to Shakhtar left them at the bottom of Group B. "We will try to repeat what we did in the weekend's match and that's it," Zidane said while also acknowledging Moenchengladbach have the potential to complicate their plans. Midfielder Toni Kroos likened the match to a must-win final if they are to get out of the group stage. Kroos, who is German, said he was happy to be in Germany where the match will be played, but that he intends to finish out his playing days in Madrid. Moenchengladbach coach Marco Rose, however, has every intention of giving Zidane and company a run for their money saying they will look to capitalize on every opportunity they get on the pitch. "When Real Madrid are here, we want to use all our chances and that's that. That's what it's about," said Rose. Moenchengladbach drew 2-2 against Inter Milan in their opening Group B match. (Production: Kurt Michael Hall)