Ziggy's seeks new local concert sites

Jan. 26—HIGH POINT — Ziggy's won't open for its second full season at the Cohab venue west of downtown, though the Ziggy's owner wants to find other sites in High Point for live music performances this year.

Jay Stephens said Wednesday he wasn't able to reach a lease agreement with Cohab's ownership, but he intends to work with Cohab to produce occasional concerts there.

Ziggy's held its first season of concerts last year at an outdoor space of Cohab, which is along English Road near the split with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

"At this point I've decided not to renew a lease for season two at Cohab," Stephens said. "Ziggy's business model just did not fit with Cohab's future plans. We tried a season, and we reviewed everything for the last three or four months and could not come to a conclusion."

Cohab owner John Muldoon told The Enterprise that he tried to negotiate a new lease with Ziggy's but wasn't able to come to terms.

"A lot of money and infrastructure went into it," Muldoon said. "I really wanted to work with Jay."

Muldoon said he's working on a project at Cohab that will become a draw for the public and connect food, music and design.

"I am committed to our venue," he said. "We are working with promoters who are very encouraged by how the venue looks. There are a bunch of announcements that will be coming down quite quickly."

Ziggy's welcomed a total of little more than 17,000 fans over about 100 shows between April 1 and Nov. 25 at Cohab, Stephens said. He told The Enterprise last month that he was pleased with the response by music fans.

Stephens said he remains committed to High Point as a place for live music performances.

"I'm not going anywhere," Stephens said. "We'll be in High Point."

Stephens is involved this winter putting on shows at the indoor Millennium Center in downtown Winston-Salem.

"But I'm in talks with several other proprietors within the High Point community for Ziggy's to continue," he said.

Stephens said he's looking for partners to do live music in High Point at different sites, including shows at Cohab.

Stephens launched Ziggy's as an indoor music hall in Winston-Salem in 1989. The club played a key role in the revitalization of Winston-Salem's entertainment base. Ziggy's closed in 2016 after problems with the landlord.

Stephens spent several years seeking another site in the Triad before deciding on High Point.

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