Ziyech equalizes for Chelsea against Man City

Hakim Ziyech sneaks a precise half-volley past Ederson and into the bottom corner to draw Chelsea level against Manchester City.

Video Transcript

- Rodri brings it clear for Manchester City. He's dispossessed well by Ziyech. He wanted a foul and didn't get it. Ziyech takes the ball up. Azpilicueta. Pulisic finds Azpilicueta.

The cut back to the edge of the area. Ziyech! Oh, it's a lovely goal. It's only his second of the season, but Hakim Ziyech brings Chelsea level here at the Etihad.

And that dents Manchester City's hopes of sealing the title today. City have to go again. Could be a vital goal for Chelsea. It's 1-1.

- Well, Rodri loses the ball. He's looking for an option further forward. Pep Guardiola beneath us was screaming at Sterling to make a forward run to give him an option.

And then it's all about Chelsea and that man, Ziyech. This first touch here is excellent. All about that first touch. Makes everything else easy once he gets it. He starts with the ball. Doesn't get the best first couple of touches in the move.

But then when the ball's cut back for him, look at that, that left foot. Gets it out of his feet. Although it pops up off the ground, still sets him up nicely for that glorious left foot that he's got. And he hits it low, hard, with a little bit of movement on it. Ederson does well to get a hand to it but can't stop it because of the pace.