Zonnique Claps Back At Critics Who Think Her Little Brother King Harris Is Wildin'

As King Harris continues to make headlines and get himself into trouble, Zonnique Pullins is stepping in to tell the haters to ease up!

Zonnique spoke on the controversy surrounding her little brother, who just became a legal adult less than 2 months ago, after he made headlines for blasting social media star Charleston White.

“Charleston White, you is a b***h, boy!” he said of the social media personality — who recently trash-talked King and Boosie’s son, Tootie Raw, by saying that they “don’t know how to fight.”

King also proceeded to accuse White of having a “soft upbringing” and declare that he was going to “whoop [Charleston White’s] ass.”


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As viewers began to share their input and accuse King of doing the most, Zonnique chimed in on Twitter.

“When I was 18 I said dumb s**t and had a TON of growing to do.. y’all really could just ignore my brother but I’m guessing y’all want him to act like an upperclassmen cause y’all think he grew up in the house y’all watched on tv every Tuesday,” she penned.

“Everyone loves to bring up the gated house like we not talking about T.I. and Tiny’s kids at the end of the day.. what do y’all really expect,” she added in a now-deleted tweet, which was re-uploaded by The Neighborhood Talk. “It would be boring if we didn’t have a wild card.”

In a final tweet, she added, “Give my baby some time to grow into the king he’s destined to be and until then send the kid some positive encouraging words.”

At this point, we should note that Zonnique’s comments come just over a month after King Harris was arrested and hit with four charges during a traffic stop, as Blavity previously reported.

Photo credit: @the_next_king10
Photo credit: @the_next_king10

Additionally, just ahead of when the teen graduated from high school back in May, King was involved in an altercation at a fast-food restaurant.


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Furthermore, videos showing King Harris getting into altercations have been in circulation for quite some time, showing that he’s no stranger to getting himself caught up in trouble.

What do you think about the situation, and do you agree that people should cut King Harris some slack?