Zuckerberg creates buzz by endorsing Friendsheet for non Apple users

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The Friendsheet Google Chrome application

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg created an online buzz on the evening of March 6 when he endorsed Facebook photo viewing site Friendsheet to his 11.9 million subscribers.

The website Friendsheet acts as an application for Facebook; users simply log on to their Facebook account via www.friendsheet.com and the app pulls in the users' latest photos and displays them in a style not unlike Pinterest.

Friendsheet also displays a summary of comments on the photos and enables users to search for friends and view their photos. Users can also invite friends to join the site.

Media and PR agency Simplyzesty.com speculates on what the Mark Zuckerberg seal of approval could do for the photo viewing app, stating "it will be interesting to see how/if the app is intergrated into the Facebook experience."

Friendsheet is also available as a Chrome app at: goo.gl/x1zwk

Other photo viewing apps for Facebook include Photo Feed and My Photos.