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  • Southwest Sued Over Hot Tea Burns

    Abby Ellin at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Southwest Airlines is in hot water for allegedly burning a passenger with a cup of scalding tea.

    According to a lawsuit filed in Davidson County Circuit Court in Nashville, Tenn., on December 28, 2011, Angelica Keller, of Smyrna, Tenn., suffered second-degree burns during a trip from Nashville to Houston on the airline.

    On that day, Keller, who was seated in a window seat in the first row of the plane, ordered a cup of tea. The flight attendant brought her a cup of piping hot water, which was sitting in another cup containing the tea bag and condiment packets like sugar and possibly creamer. Since there was no tray table or flat surface, Keller had difficulty disassembling the double cup and the water spilled all over her lap. And since she was wearing her seatbelt, she could not move quickly enough and had to sit in 'extremely hot water' until she could get up.

    She spent the rest of the flight in the restroom.

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  • Mom angry that male vice principal spanked child

    Abby Ellin at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    As her mother, Anna Jorgensen, told ABC News affiliate WFAA-TV in Dallas, Taylor didn't want to miss any classes because "her grades are very important to her."

    So Santos went to the vice principal's office to request a paddling. She called her mom, who said that as long as her daughter was OK with it, so was she. According to school policy, parents who don't want their children to subject to corporal punishment must submit a written statement each year.

    What neither Jorgenson nor Santos knew was that a man - the vice principal - would be doing the swatting, while a female watched. As far as Jorgensen knew, she said, school policy mandated that males spanked males and females spanked females.

    Because of the force with with Santos was struck, her bottom was fire-engine red and looked as if it had been "burned and blistered," said Jorgensen, who took photos as evidence.

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  • Bloomingdale's Security Boss Arrested, Accused of Passing Counterfeit Money

    Abby Ellin at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Do as I say, not as I do. That could be the mantra of Bloomingdale's security boss, Alice Butler, who was arrested after allegedly passing off fraudulent bills at the chain's flagship store in New York.

    Part of Butler's job was to teach employees how to detect counterfeit money.

    According to a report in the New York Post, Butler, 56, who has worked at the store for 17 years, passed out a pair of faux $100 bills while loading money onto her employee debit card on July 1. The cashier - whom Butler had personally trained - noticed that the images on the ink were off-color and that the bills were blurry. She called security, which called New York police. A Secret Service agent was also brought in to verify that the bills were fake, the Post said.

    Butler, who lives in New Jersey, was later arrested and released without bail on charges of petit larceny and forgery.

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  • 7 Ways to Cut Your Car Insurance

    Abby Ellin at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Let's say you live in Michigan, where the typical household shells out a whopping 8 percent of its annual income on car insurance. Or maybe you live someplace where the rates are cheaper-Colorado, say, or Massachusetts-but you'd like to save some cash. Is there any way to reduce your yearly payments?

    Absolutely, says John Egan, the managing editor of C, which recently released a state-by-state breakdown of car insurance costs in all 50 states.

    "While you're probably not going to move to a new state just because of car insurance costs, the most important thing to remember is that - regardless of where you live - you can get a better deal than the Average Joe by shopping around," says Egan.

    Here are some more of his tips.

    1. Don't pay for more coverage than you need.

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