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  • The second coming of Scott Brown

    Chris Moody, Yahoo News at Yahoo News3 days ago

    PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Standing alone outside the glass door of a ballroom at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel, Rex Houdyshell, a systems engineer from Amherst, was waiting patiently to finally see Scott Brown in the flesh.

    Houdyshell, a soft-spoken man with short hair who hunts Bigfoot in his spare time, was the first supporter to arrive at the event where Brown, the former Massachusetts Republican senator who lost his seat in 2012 to Democrat Elizabeth Warren, would launch his campaign Thursday to redefine himself and return to the Senate via New Hampshire.

    “He was the hero of 2010,” Houdyshell told me while we both waited for the doors to open for Brown’s big kickoff.

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  • A day in the life of a marijuana lobbyist

    Chris Moody, Yahoo News at Yahoo News1 mth ago

    In the center of the crowded basement cafeteria of the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill, Big Pot’s mobile war room was humming.

    While hundreds of congressional staffers lunched around them, a group of foot soldiers in the effort to legalize marijuana stood over a rectangular table cluttered with plates of sushi and documents, busily stuffing white folders with literature about the need for the federal government to change the nation’s cannabis laws. Each folder, which would be delivered to a congressional office on one of the floors above, needed a primer on bills that had been introduced to reform banking and tax laws for the cannabis industry, a letter urging co-sponsorship of the bills, a position paper from Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, and a New York Times story about the burgeoning marijuana industry.

    It was the final hours of a two-day Washington, D.C., blitz by the National Cannabis Industry Association, the 3-year-old lobbying arm of the country’s increasingly organized legal marijuana industry. With just a few hours remaining until the advocates’ scheduled flights home, there were still several offices to visit.

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  • CPAC after dark

    Yahoo News1 mth ago

    On his knees in a suit and tie, a man on a hotel balcony pressed his lips to the snout of an elephant-shaped ice sculpture, waiting for his friend to pour a shot of Fireball whiskey into a hole at the top, which would carry the liquor through a chilling tunnel, down an icy channel, and into his waiting throat. “Ready?” the pourer asked, and tipped the bottle. The golden liquid streamed from the top of the mammoth’s head, down the trunk, and into the open mouth of the man below. He slurped it up and basked.

    The pachyderm had been discreetly wheeled, hidden beneath a blanket and undetected, through the crowded lobby of the Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center to the seventh-floor hospitality suite rented for the weekend by College Republicans, which served as a hub for young men and women of the Conservative Political Action Conference.

    Upon reaching the suite's balcony, the ice sculptor lifted the fabric and unveiled his handiwork: a shimmering block of ice carved in the shape of a grinning elephant wearing a tie and an Uncle Sam top hat with stars along the brim.

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