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  • SpaceX rocket explodes after launch

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 1 day ago

    For SpaceX, the third time was definitely not a charm.

    The spaceflight company's unmanned Falcon 9 rocket exploded shortly after takeoff from Cape Canaveral on Sunday. The explosion was seen in a live webcast of the launch carried by NASA TV.

    If you missed #SpaceX explosion, this is what it looked like from their live feed.

    "We appear to have had a launch vehicle failure," NASA TV commentator George Diller said as the rocket disintegrated in the skies above Florida's Atlantic coastline.

    The explosion could be seen as far as 50 miles away in Sebastian, Fla., where those watching on the ground described "a major fireball in the sky just before rocket was heading behind a cloud."

    .@SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, Dragon capsule explode after launch; @NASA says "vehicle has broken up."


  • Jon Stewart: Replace Confederate flag with image of 'a pig on fire'

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 4 days ago

    Jon Stewart continued his sharp criticism of Southerners defending the Confederate flag as a historical symbol of their heritage.

    “ That ’ s the whole point, ” an exasperated Stewart said on “The Daily Show” on Wednesday. “ They fought for the South — against the United States — because of slavery. That ’ s the heritage you ’ re defending. It would be like saying you support flying the Nazi flag because you ’ re proud of their robust anti-smoking agenda, but that wasn ’ t really their thing. ”

    Stewart suggested that Southern states replace the Confederate flag with one that “ represents the aspects of their heritage that we can all celebrate. ” His nomination: a flag with the image of a pig on fire, commemorating the “ creation of barbecue. ”

    “ That ’ s probably how barbecue was invented, ” he said. “ Ingenious Southerners saw a pig on fire and thought, ‘ I can work with this. ’ ”

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    “ Without that battle flag, you ’ re just sideways France, ” he said.

  • Man with meat cleaver detained outside Tsarnaev sentencing

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 5 days ago

    A man who witnesses say drove through a security checkpoint outside the federal courthouse where Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was being sentenced Wednesdaywas detained after police found a large knife in his car.

    The man, 24-year-old Patrick Carrerio of Woburn, Mass., was arrested and charged with failure to stop for a police officer, disorderly conduct and unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon, a spokesman for the Boston Police Department told Yahoo News.

    Carrerio drove the SUV past the checkpoint outside the Moakley Federal Courthouse, stopping in a spot reserved for U.S. marshals shortly before 1 p.m. ET, while the court was in recess. Officers searched the vehicle, which did not have a rear license plate attached, and found a meat cleaver.

    Carrerio, who bore a striking resemblance to Tsarnaev, was taken away in handcuffs as technicians from the Boston Police bomb squad searched the car.

    According to police, Carrerio told them he had driven to the courthouse to express his opposition to the death penalty.

    Judge George O’Toole addressed Tsarnaev before handing down the sentence.

  • After the flag: Confederate symbols come under fire

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 5 days ago

    As the chorus of those calling for the removal of the Confederate battle flag grows louder in the wake of last week's massacre at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C., officials in several cities are considering what to do with other historical symbols — including statues, monuments and street names — of the Confederacy, some of which have been vandalized in recent days.

    In Baltimore, county officials called on the city to give them approval to change the name Robert E. Lee Park, named for the Confederate Civil War general, to Lake Roland Park.

    "In a region as diverse as the Baltimore Metropolitan area," the officials wrote in a letter, "the new name is much more sensitive to the diverse population that visits and utilizes the park."

    Baltimore County calls on Baltimore City to change the name of Robert E. Lee park

    "Symbols of hate shouldn't be promoted by government," Cooper wrote on Twitter.

    Symbols of hate shouldn't be promoted by government. 1/2

  • CNN's Don Lemon holds up sign showing N-word on air, asks, 'Does this offend you?'

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 7 days ago

    CNN's Don Lemon sparked controversy on Monday, holding up a sign with the N-word printed in bold, capital letters at the top of his primetime show after President Barack Obama used the racial epithet in a discussion about race with podcast host Marc Maron.

    "Does this offend you?" Lemon asked viewers as he held up the sign. "President Obama said it out loud in an interview. And a lot of people are shocked."

    The stunt was widely mocked on Twitter, where Lemon quickly became a meme.

    When life gives you Don Lemon's, turn the channel.

    Yes, it does. #DonLemon #CNN #ConfederateFlag

    Vaguely aware that Don Lemon did something unwise tonight...

    C’mon, Don Lemon, you have to at least give a spoiler alert.

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  • Joyce Mitchell’s husband: ‘Do I still love her? Yes. Am I mad? Yes’

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 7 days ago

    The husband of Joyce Mitchell, the New York prison worker accused of helping two convicted killers escape, says he knew nothing of his wife’s alleged role in the plot until he was able to speak with her after her arrest.

    “An investigator comes out and says, ‘Mr. Mitchell, your wife is more involved than what she’s lettin’ on,’” Lyle Mitchell told NBC’s Matt Lauer in an interview that aired on “Today” on Tuesday. “I asked her what was going on. She said, ‘I just — I did some things ... and I got over my head.’ I didn’t know what to say. I was just ... disbelief, shock.”

    David Sweat and Richard Matt escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y., on June 6, using tools Joyce Mitchell allegedly gave them to cut their way out of the maximum-security prison. An intense manhunt for the fugitives is in its third week.

    Lyle Mitchell says his wife of 14 years told him that the prisoners offered to give her pills that would knock him out so she could flee with them.

    He said his wife is fully cooperating with investigators.

  • 'Black Lives Matter': Graffiti appears on Confederate statue in Charleston

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 8 days ago

    Graffiti that appeared on a Confederate memorial in Charleston, S.C., was covered up Sunday as the city continues to mourn the victims of last week's shooting massacre at a historic black church.

    The inscription on the base of the statue — which honors the "Confederate Defenders of Charleston" who died at Fort Sumter — was covered in the red, spray-painted message, "Black Lives Matter."

    "This is the problem," graffiti on another side of the memorial read. "#Racist."

    Confederate Defenders of Charleston statue at The Battery vandalized with #BlackLivesMatter #chsnews

    Shortly after photos were posted to Twitter showing the vandalism, two men covered the base with a large blue tarp.

    The killings have reignited a national discussion on race and renewed the debate over the Confederate flag, which still flies atop a 30-foot pole outside South Carolina's state capitol building.

  • Families of Charleston shooting victims to Dylann Roof: We forgive you

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 10 days ago

    Relatives of the Charleston church shooting victims gave emotional statements during Dylann Roof’s initial court appearance Friday, some of them breaking into sobs as one after another they told the man suspected of killing their loved ones that they forgive him.

    “You took something really precious from me. I will never talk to her again,” the daughter of 70-year-old Ethel Lance, one of nine people killed in Wednesday's massacre, said. “But I forgive you and have mercy on your soul. You hurt me. You hurt a lot of people. But God forgives you. I forgive you.”

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    Felecia Sanders, mother of the youngest victim, 26-year-old Tywanza Sanders, also spoke.

    “Every fiber in my body hurts,” Sanders said, “and I will never be the same.”

    Sanders survived the shooting by playing dead.

    “We welcomed you Wednesday night in our Bible study with open arms. You have killed some of the most beautifulest people that I know,” she said in court. “As we said in the Bible study, we enjoyed you, but may God have mercy on you.”

  • Charleston church massacres reignites gun control debate

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 10 days ago

    In the wake of the mass shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C., gun control advocates are calling for a national debate on America’s gun laws, while gun rights activists say the massacre could’ve been prevented had the victims been armed.

    “Once again, a senseless act of gun violence has brought terror, tragedy and pain to one of our communities,” former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a gun safety advocate who survived a 2011 mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz., said in a statement. “And once again, gunfire and bloodshed has visited one of America’s houses of worship.”

    It was Obama’s 14th statement on a mass shooting since taking office, CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller noted.

    By my count, this will be at least the 14th time Pres Obama has made a statement on a shooting attack.

    “At some point,” Obama added, “it’s going to be important for the American people to come to grips with it and for us to be able to shift how we think about the issue of gun violence collectively.”

    “Should pastors pack heat in church?” host Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked.