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  • Jon Stewart eviscerates media over blizzard coverage

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 2 hrs ago

    New York City was spared the brunt of the massive snowstorm that hit parts of Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts on Tuesday.

    And like many New Yorkers, Jon Stewart was unimpressed by what he called "Blizzapocalypsegeddon '15."

    "My guess is, if you are watching this program, New York is gone," Stewart said at the top of "The Daily Show" Tuesday. "I hope you remember us for our world-class pizza and bridges, and not for our tendency to tell people who innocently happen to have their eyes locked with our eyes to go f--- themselves."

    The "Daily Show" host spent the beginning of his show eviscerating the media's breathless coverage of the storm, including CNN's "Blizzardmobile."

    "Blizzardmobile? Settle down, Batman, it’s a Ford Explorer,” Stewart quipped.

    But the Comedy Central star admitted that New York City-based news organizations were left with few options when the storm largely missed Manhattan.

  • The blizzard as seen from space

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 3 hrs ago

    For millions of people digging out from nearly three feet of snow, the massive snowstorm that walloped New England on Tuesday wasn't exactly pretty. But, from248 miles above, the storm looked gorgeous.

    Terry Virts, an American astronaut aboard the International Space Station, captured a stunning nighttime image of the blizzard and posted it to Twitter.

    East coast blizzard

    It wasn't the only bird's-eye view of the blizzard to surface. Several satellite images released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showed the storm as it moved up the East Coast.

    Powerful nor'easter continues to affect areas of NY and New England. Geocolor loop via CIRA:


  • Hillary Clinton agrees to testify on Benghazi, panel’s ranking Dem says

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 4 hrs ago

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has agreed to testify before the House Select Committee investigating the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, CNN reports.

    Rep. Elijah Cummings, the panel’s Democratic ranking member, told CNN Tuesday that Clinton had agreed to testify before the committee late last year.

    “The chairman asked me back in September to inquire as to whether Secretary Clinton would testify,” Cummings said. “She immediately said she would and that she wanted to come in December, but if December did not work, she would come in January. She said, ‘I’ll do it, period.’ The fact is, she was very clear. She did not hesitate for one second.”

    Earlier this week, Yahoo News reported that some Democrats on the committeeaccused Republican members of conducting the committee’s work without them and withholding information that would undermine the credibility of the panel itself.

    “We’ll see,” she told NBC in an interview. “I'm not going to prejudge it.”

  • 2 dead in shooting at NYC Home Depot

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 2 days ago

    Two people are dead following a shooting at a Home Depot store in Manhattan on Sunday afternoon, police say.

    A spokeswoman for the NYPD told Yahoo News that both victims were male employees, and that an investigation was ongoing.

    According to the Daily News, the gunman, 31, shot the victim, 38, before turning the gun on himself in an apparent murder-suicide. An eyewitness told MSNBC that the shooter and victim knew each other.

    At least one person was seen taken away from the store on a stretcher.

    The shooting happened around 2:45 p.m., when customers and staffers were seen flooding out of the store onto 23rd Street.

    Everyone running down 23rd st saying there's been a shooting.

    Crazy, came out of the subway and there were just hundreds of people running away from something.

    Am locked up in the store next door, Home Depot staffer is in here in tears calling her husband. Pretty crazy scene.

  • New York Times columnist ‘fuming’ after son allegedly stopped by Yale police at gunpoint

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 3 days ago

    New York Times op-ed columnist Charles M. Blow says he ’ s “ fuming ” after his son was allegedly stopped by a Yale University police officer at gunpoint Saturday night because he apparently fit the description of a possible burglary suspect.

    “So, my son, a 3rd year chem major at Yale was just accosted — at GUN POINT — by a Yale policeman bc he ‘fit the description’ of a suspect,’”  Blow tweeted on Saturday. “He was let go when they realized he was a college student and not a criminal. ”

    Blow added: “ He’s shaken, but I’m fuming!”

    So, my son, a 3rd year chem major at Yale was just accosted - at GUN POINT - by a Yale policeman bc he "fit the description" of a suspect...

    He was let go when they realized he was a college student and not a criminal ( he was leaving the library!) He's shaken, but I'm fuming!

    The columnist and author, who has written extensively about racial issues, then referenced the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, tweeting the hashtags #ICantBreathe and #BlackLivesMatter.


    Blow ’ s son, Tahj, who is black, did not immediately return an email seeking comment.


  • Police release video of more than 180 Ferguson looting suspects

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 7 days ago

    Police in Missouri have released surveillance video that officials say shows more than 180 people suspected of looting after the Ferguson grand jury's decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

    The department also released more than 180 still images of the suspected looters storming the market.

     "If you can identify any of these suspects, please contact the St. Louis County Police at 314-889-2341 or CrimeStoppers at 866-371-8477," a message on the SLPD website reads. "All tips are anonymous."

    Wilson, who is white, became a national figure after he fatally shot the African American 18-year-old multiple times in broad daylight on a residential street in August. The grand jury deliberated for months, ultimately concluding that he would not face criminal charges in the controversial shooting death.

    Dellwood Market owner Mumtaz Lalani said the ransacking in November was the third time since August that his market had been looted, and that he has no plans to rebuild.

  • President Obama's SOTU 'sick burn' lights up Twitter

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 7 days ago

    There were 6,493 words in President Barack Obama's State of the Union address in the copy published by the White House before the speech. But eight words, unscripted and delivered off the cuff by the president, were arguably the most memorable.

    Speaking about his second-term agenda, Obama remarked, "I have no more campaigns to run," which met with applause from the Republican side of the aisle. Obama turned and quipped, "I know because I won both of them" — a line that was not in the remarks prepared for delivery.

    "I have no more campaigns to run. I know because I won both of them.” —President Obama #SOTU

    The presidential zinger immediately lit up Twitter, with thousands of users hailing Obama's "sick burn."

    President of the United States of SICK BURNS.

    "I know because I won both of them"


    Related video:

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg appears to fall asleep during State of the Union

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 7 days ago

    President Barack Obama ’ s State of the Union address was long — too long for Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who appeared to fall asleep as it was being delivered.

    Seated in the first row alongside her fellow justices, the 81-year-old was caught on camera nodding off about 20 minutes into Obama ’ s 59-minute speech.

    The unscheduled nap did not go unnoticed on Twitter.

    #SOTU memories: Ruth Bader Ginsburg falls asleep | AP Photo

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Appears to Fall Asleep During State of Union...

    I give Ruth Bader Ginsburg 5 minutes…

    We are all Ruth Bader Ginsburg now. #zzzzzzzzz #sotu

    Ginsburg's momentary doze wasn't the only thing that drew attention to the Supreme Court justice.

  • Rupert Murdoch's Sun tabloid 'quietly' drops topless women from Page 3

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 8 days ago

    The Sun, the U.K.'s top-selling newspaper, appears to have stopped publishing its topless "Page 3" models.

    The Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid has not featured the topless models since Jan. 16, directing readers looking for bare-breasted British women to its website instead.

    Their absence in the print edition comes after a campaign of more than two years by women's rights activists asking The Sun to stop printing the photos — a fixture in the paper for more than 40 years.

    "Boobs aren't news," the No More Page 3 campaign stated. "Stop conditioning your readers to view women as sex objects."

    Through Monday, a petition launched by the campaign had gathered more than 200,000 signatures.

    The Sun, which has long defended the controversial feature, would not confirm that the change is permanent.

    On Monday and Tuesday, the women of Page 3 were clad in bikinis and lingerie.

  • Incredible footage captures black-ice near-miss on I-95

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 8 days ago

    Freezing rain and black ice wreaked havoc on roadways from Maryland to Maine on Sunday, causing more than 700 accidents and at least nine deaths. But perhaps no video captured the chaos quite like this one, taken by a driver on the New Jersey Turnpike who was filming an accident scene in front of him when a tractor trailer came careening down the highway from behind.

    The unidentified driver calmly turned his camera just as the truck slid across two southbound lanes, hit the median and landed on the other side, narrowly missing him.

    “ I was blocked by two trucks on southbound I-95 at exit 9, ” the driver explained in a YouTube post. “ I only wanted to take a picture while I was awaiting for them to clear up. ... And then I heard a noise from behind. ... I was barely missed. ”

    The harrowing footage has since gone viral, racking up more than 1 million views on YouTube.