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  • Colbert for President? Seriously. Well, Maybe Not Seriously

    Elizabeth Hartfield at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Colbert, a South Carolina native, already has a Super PAC , a dedicated fan base and even a lead in a South Carolina poll. Colbert said before making a decision he will have to pray, and "talk it over with my money." He said will make a "major announcement" on his show Thursday night.

    "This just got real," Colbert said Wednesday on his television show. "I've got to ask, what do you think, nation? Should I run for president in South Carolina ?"

    According to a Public Policy Polling survey, Colbert is beating former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman , who finished third in the New Hampshire primary. Colbert had 5 percent of the survey compared to Huntsman's 4 percent. On Wednesday night's show he offered himself up as the ever-coveted non-Romney Republican candidate.

    "Everyone in the Republican field has already had their 'I'm not Mitt' moment," Colbert said. "It all makes so much sense. I am so not Mitt. I'm the one with the glasses."

    Colbert has dipped his toe into the Republican primary process multiple times this year.

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