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  • Congressional candidate shoots down drone with hunting rifle in new ad

    Eric Pfeiffer at The Sideshow1 day ago

    Montana congressional candidate Matt Rosendale swears he doesn’t have a problem with drones.

    “I actually consider myself to be very supportive of technology,” Rosendale told Yahoo News in an interview on Tuesday.

    Still, the question had to be asked after Rosendale on Monday released a new campaign ad in which he used a hunting rifle to shoot down a drone.

    The ad opens with an overhead camera angle, with the drone menacingly hovering over the state senator.

    “I’m Matt Rosendale and this is how I'd look from a government drone,” the candidate says as he’s framed dead to rights in a digital set of crosshairs.

    “And this is what I think about it,” Rosendale says as the camera cuts to him cocking and firing a rifle. The camera switches back to the drone pilot’s point of view, with text reading “SIGNAL LOST,” after the simulated gunshot impact shatters the drone’s lens.

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  • Rupert Murdoch speaks: politics, divorce and how Fox News 'saved' the political debate

    Eric Pfeiffer at Yahoo News6 days ago

    Media mogul and News Corp. Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch sat down for his first interview in nearly five years.

    The still very active and opinionated 83-year-old opened up to Fortune about a number of personal and political details during the interview, including his current favorite potential Republican candidates for 2016.

    Murdoch told Fortune the 2016 presidential election “is between four or five people," and he places Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan atop his personal rankings. He called Ryan “the straightest arrow I've ever met.”

    Some other highlights (Fortune subscribers can read the full Q&A):

    Fox News Channel's slant

    Murdoch was defiant when asked if the right-leaning Fox News Channel’s editorial content has hurt the political discussion or even the Republican Party itself. "It has absolutely saved it,” he said.

    On how he's aging

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  • With a cancer diagnosis and a baby on the way, Oregon couple turn to crowd funding

    Eric Pfeiffer at Yahoo News6 days ago

    Blake Britton has cancer. He and his wife, Vicki, are expecting their first child in May.

    Even with good health insurance, there’s no way they could afford the costs of cancer treatment and childbirth. Because of Blake’s illness and Vicki’s pregnancy, both had to stop working. Those are significant life challenges for any one person; for a young couple just starting out they could seem insurmountable.

    Yet Blake, 35, of Portland, Ore., told Yahoo News, “The whole thing has made us change our minds about how positive and loving people can be. ... We’re trying to treat this not as a tragedy but as an opportunity.”

    In February, family friends Ryan Warren Smith and Johanna Lovett decided they needed to take action to help Blake and Vicki. They had previously used sites such as Kickstarter to raise funds for work projects but didn’t know if the same approach would work for something like helping friends pay their medical bills. So they launched an online fundraiser to help.

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  • Tennessee close to approving free community college for all high school grads

    Eric Pfeiffer at The Sideshow11 days ago

    Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has proposed that his state use lottery funds to provide high school graduates with two free years of education at community or technical colleges.

    First announced in February, the proposal now appears to be on track for approval, having won support from several of Haslem’s Republican colleagues in the state's General Assembly.

    Called “Tennessee Promise,” Haslam’s plan would allow high school graduates to attend an in-state technical or community college without having to pay any tuition or associated fees. The funds would come from a newly created endowment using money from the lottery’s reserves.

    It’s estimated that the plan would cost about $34 million each year.

    The state currently has about 80,000 community college students, evenly divided between full-time and part-time students, according to the American Association of Community Colleges.

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  • You may soon be able to buy lottery tickets at California gas pumps

    Eric Pfeiffer at The Sideshow18 days ago


    Looking to fill that fill that precious time while putting gas into your car? A new proposal in California would allow customers to buy lottery tickets from the same machine that pumps their gas.

    "It takes like about 30 seconds to actually buy your lottery tickets," California Lottery spokesman Russ Lopez said about the proposal. "So it's not going to hold up the line."

    Local affiliate ABC News 10 reports that customers could use their credit or debit cards to purchase the tickets. Customers would be limited to three games: Mega Millions, Powerball, and Super Lotto Plus.

    If approved, the ability to purchase lottery tickets directly from the gas pump would be added to between 100 and 150 stations in the state, mostly in Los Angeles and Sacramento.

    But perhaps most interestingly, any winnings of $600 or less would then be instantly credited to the debit or credit card used in the transaction.

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