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  • Instagram gets video

    Joanna Stern at ABC News (OLD) 2 yrs ago

    by Joanna Stern/ABC News Those selfies and food photos in your Instagram feed might soon be a little less stationary. Starting today, the Facebook-owned service will be adding video features to its popular iPhone and Android apps.

    "We talk about Instagram as capturing and sharing the world's moments. It's not just about photography," Instagram founder Kevin Systrom told "Nightline" anchor Bill Weir in an exclusive interview. "There are a ton of moments in the world that can't be captured in single images."

    They can, however, be captured in video clips under a half a minute long, said Systrom. An update to the current Instagram app, which will be released today, will allow users to capture anywhere between three to 15 seconds of video, apply a new set of filters and then easily share them with their Instagram friends or through other social media services.

    Then comes the part that has made Instagram so popular with more than 100 million people: the filters.

  • Forget Your Fitness Gadget, Whistle Wants to Track Man's Best Friends' Activity

    Joanna Stern at Good Morning America 2 yrs ago

    Forget tracking your steps while you walk the dog, a San Francisco start-up wants to track your dogs'.

    Whistle is jumping into the smart dog collar market with a new device that tracks your dog's activity and rest patterns. The $99.95 device works a lot like the ones for humans -- a small wireless device with sensors clips to your dog's collar. It passively collects data about the pups' activity and rest throughout the day and then syncs wirelessly with a smartphone or web app.

    The idea is to keep an eye on your dog when you aren't home, but not just for fun. The purpose, the creators say, is to help improve and monitor the health of your dog. The creators say they believe the technology can add years' to a dogs' lives.

    "We can use Whistle to monitor the impact of a treatment, too. Say your dog has a front line tick, you can see if the dog is scratching less, you can see if the dog's rest is interrupted," Jacobs explained.

    Snaptracs' Tagg also costs $99.95, but has a $7.95 monthly data service charge.

  • Astronaut Chris Hadfield Performs David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' From… Space

    Joanna Stern at ABC News Blogs 2 yrs ago

    On Sunday, the Canadian astronaut released a YouTube video of him performing David Bowie's "Space Oddity" in space. In the video, which has been viewed over a half a million times in less than 24 hours, Hadfield hammed it up for the camera as he crooned about Major Tom, the intrepid, lonely and ultimately doomed space adventurer in the song. Hadfield stared wistfully out the window and strummed on an acoustic guitar aboard the space station.

    Hadfield tweeted about the video on Sunday, May 12 at 5:00 p.m. EST. "With deference to the genius of David Bowie, here's Space Oddity, recorded on Station. A last glimpse of the World," Hadfield, who has been active on Twitter and YouTube while in outer space, tweeted out to his followers. The tweet, as of this writing, now has over 14,000 retweets.

    The "Space Oddity" video even earned a response from Bowie himself, who tweeted out to Hadfield:

    CHRIS HADFIELD SINGS SPACE ODDITY IN SPACE!"Hallo Spaceboy…"Commander Chris Hadfield, currently on…

    Kirit Radia and Jean Fievet contributed to this report.

  • Amy Poehler's Bowl Questions Answered

    Joanna Stern at ABC News Blogs 2 yrs ago

    So, Amy, we thank you for making us laugh with some answers to your hard-hitting tech questions.

    "What's the heck difference between all those phones?" That's a very good question, Amy, and we'd need hours to explain to you the small differences between all the Android phones out there. The main difference is that they are made by different companies and have slightly different software adjustments. For instance, the one on the left is made by HTC and the one on the right is made by Samsung. To most users, the differences between those phones won't be very significant - the software looks a little different but they do a lot of the same things. Most of the phones that start at $199 on contract have big HD screens, LTE, fast dual- or quad-core processor and the latest version of Android 4.2, Jelly Bean. (Yeah, Google names its Android versions after desserts.)

    And last time we checked it wasn't contagious.

    "Am I in the Cloud right now?" Only you really know that for sure.

  • App Adds Six-Second Videos to Tweets

    Joanna Stern at ABC News Blogs 2 yrs ago

    They say a photo is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a lot more. By that math, six seconds of video should be worth a whole lot more than 140 characters of text or a Tweet. And that seems to be the point of Vine, an app launched by Twitter today that allows you to add short video clips to your tweets.

    The app, which as of now is available only for the iPhone, is really simple to use and works a lot like Instagram. (Many have been calling it the Instagram of video.) Sign in with your Twitter account or via email, hit the video camera button and press down on the viewfinder to record video. Release your finger and the recording stops, so you can easily move to record something else, but you only have six seconds of space (or tape). Watch your video and then share it with others on the service. There are options to then share it on Twitter and Facebook too.

    MORE: Take That, Instagram: Twitter Adds Own Photo Filters

  • Google Glasses Go Public, Almost

    Joanna Stern at ABC News Blogs 2 yrs ago

    Let's start with the good news: Google's about to start to talking a bit more about its Project Glass this month - you know, those futuristic, Internet-connected glasses that show digital information right in front of your eyes, projected over the physical world.

    The bad news? For the moment, they're just for software developers.

    The company is holding two events - one in New York City and another in San Fransisco - where it will give software developers an early look at the spectacles. "Join us for an early look at Glass and two full days of hacking on the upcoming Google Mirror API in San Francisco or New York," Google said in an email invite it sent out to those who signed up to be on its developers list. These software and app creators will get a device to use on site and will come up with different software ideas and tie-ins.

  • Tech21 Protects Your Phone With Goo

    Joanna Stern at ABC News Blogs 2 yrs ago

    LAS VEGAS - Walk the show floor here at CES 2013 and you will see more iPhone cases than you could ever have imagined. We're talking thousands and thousands of cases. But Tech 21's cases actually stick out among the hoards of pieces of plastic and rubber to protect your phones.


    The company calls its system "Impactology" and the material inside the case is called D30. It is a non-Newtonian polymer, a gooey orange putty that looks like Gak - until there is impact. That's when it becomes solid and protective. The material, as you can see in the video, can save your phone if you drop it, or even smack it against the wall. The D30 is injected into the edges of the case.

    The company sells cases for the iPhone, iPad and select Android phones. Its iPhone cases are available at Apple and start at $34.95.

  • iPotty: iPad Hits Potty Training

    Joanna Stern at ABC News Blogs 2 yrs ago

    LAS VEGAS - Does it need any explaining? Yes, the iPotty is real and is on display here at CES 2013. CTA Digital, maker of iPad and Kindle accessories - or appcessories - is showing off a number of new iPad toys at the show, but the high-tech solution to potty training is surely turning heads.

    The iPotty training system has a built-in case for an iPadand the company says it is the perfect way to keep your toddler on the bowl.

    More CES Crazy: Move cat ears with your mind

    The iPotty costs $39.99 (iPad not included, obviously) and is compatible with the iPad 2 and the current model.

    Oh, and don't worry, it does come with iPad protection. It has a touch-screen protector to, yes, guard against messy hands and pee. Perhaps that's the real innovation here and CTA should think about making one for adults.

  • Wiggle Cat Ears With Your Brain Waves

    Joanna Stern at ABC News Blogs 2 yrs ago

    LAS VEGAS - It's like that bend-a-spoon-with-your-mind magic trick, except in this case it's cat ears and a remote-controlled helicopter you can move. Oh, and it actually is using your brain waves.

    Here at CES 2013 a company called NeuroSky is showing off its NecoMimi cat ears. You attach the ears to your head, placing a black sensor on your forehead and clipping a second one to your ear. The two sensors capture brainwave data and translate it into the movements of the ears. If you are very relaxed the ears will droop. If you are focused they will perk up and then droop. If you are very interested in something, the ears will perk up and wiggle.


    NeuroSky isn't just about making funny-looking ears either. It is using its electro electroencephalography technology in medical research and applications. Its MindWave product, which has the same sensors as the NecoMimi, is being used at research centers and even being sold for kids and educational applications.

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  • Snooki Brings Her Style to CES

    Joanna Stern at ABC News Blogs 2 yrs ago

    LAS VEGAS - "Everything's bling, bling, animal print, you know, girly," Snooki told ABC News in an interview at CES 2013 today.

    And that, "Jersey Shore" fans, is all you really need to know about Snooki's new line of audio and tech gear called "Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi," which debuted at the tech show today.

    There's a pair of headphones that clip into a headband with a bow, earbuds with feather earrings hanging from them and, yes, a landline phone that's covered in red rhinestones. There's also a green rhinestone phone that's similar, but plugs into your smartphone. And there's going to be more: iPhone and iPad cases are in the works.


    "These are my favorite. It also looks like you are wearing earrings, you don't have to put on earrings," she said.