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  • 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Recap: I've Been a Bad, Bad Girl

    Joyce Edwards at Yahoo TV 4 mths ago

    Warning: This recap contains storyline and character spoilers for this week's American Horror Story: Freak Show .

    One of the last freak shows on earth is officially open for business, but financial concerns abound when a body count threatens the company's bottom line. In Episode 2, "Massacres and Matinees," the town of Jupiter institutes an early curfew as the victims of Twisty the Clown continue to pile up. With four townspeople dead and the freaks as convenient suspects… let's just say people aren't exactly lining up for tickets.

    Freaked out enough yet? Let's check out the newest freaks to join the show, the surprise singer behind this week's ditty, and the dandy surprises in store for next week.

    New Freaks

    Elsa's surrogate family acquires two new members: hardheaded strongman Dell Toledo (Michael Chiklis) and his three-breasted hermaphrodite wife Desiree Dupree (Angela Bassett). Dell is on the lam after killing a man back in Chicago, and together the duo creates a power shift in the freak show's camp.

    Freak Song of the Week

    Future Freaks

    American Horror Story: Freak Show airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

  • Freaks (and a Scary Clown)! Watch the New 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Trailer

    Joyce Edwards at Yahoo TV 5 mths ago

    The latest trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show already has those with coulrophobia (a fear of clowns) seeking therapy. The clip provides a glimpse of the first episode, "Monsters Among Us," and introduces Bette and Dot Tattler (Sarah Paulson), a two-headed girl with dueling senses of optimism and imminent doom. Perhaps acting as the reliable narrators throughout the series, Bette and Dot express conflicting perspectives that will no doubt come into play once things go awry.

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    Check out the show's opening credits:

    American Horror Story: Freak Show premieres Oct. 8. at 10 p.m. on FX.


  • 'Girls' Season 3 Finale in 4 GIFs

    Joyce Edwards at Yahoo TV 11 mths ago

    Season 3 ends with Hannah's acceptance into the prestigious Iowa Writers' Workshop graduate program, which leaves the future setting for the show in question, while making other things more definite. Such as Hannah and Adam calling it quits — for real this time.

    Meanwhile, Marnie tells Shoshanna that she has been hooking up with her ex, Ray. After just finding out that she is three credits shy from graduating mere days before her graduation ceremony, Shoshanna quickly realizes that she hasn't had her priorities in order, and that she truly cares for Ray.

    Before we go further, let's pause and watch Hannah apply the perfect cat-eye makeup via a magazine tutorial that we have all failed miserably at:

    Jessa, on the other hand, is starting to get a handle on things. After just nearly helping to induce an overdose at her elderly boss' request, she comes to the realization that drugs aren't really that fun when used for euthanasia. Let's hope that Jessa keeps up with the self-improvement, now that she and her influential boss are bonded for life from the traumatic experience.

  • Jessa Gets Her Groove Back on 'Girls'

    Joyce Edwards at Yahoo TV 11 mths ago

    With one episode left this season, tons of new drama is still being stirred up on "Girls," but our girl Jessa is finally hitting her stride. After some inspired hair-dancing, Jessa realizes that she's bored with her current drug-fueled mania.

    Meanwhile, Hannah and Adam are learning boundaries, Hannah quits her job, Marnie makes moves on Ray, and Patti LuPone comes back to give life lessons over dinner.

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    But we all know that Jessa doesn't stay bored for long. Jessa meets a famous photographer when crashing Marnie's job at the art gallery. Soon, Jessa is offered an incredible opportunity to become the artist's archivist. Does this mean Jessa is on her way to happier times? Cue hair-dancing!

    "Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

  • 'Girls' GIFs of the Week: Blond Wigs and Break-Ups

    Joyce Edwards at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    This week on "Girls," Hannah's feeling a bit neglected since Adam took his new gig on Broadway and tries to spice things up with some public role play, a blonde wig, and a mommy complex.

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    After luring her beau to a bar, making a scene about her fake family and husband, Gerdaniel, and donning some insanely complicated lingerie, things end up in more of a mess than before.

    While all of this is already bonkers, nothing is more surprising than when Adam admits to liking their relationship's normalized stability. Maybe Adam really has settled down and gotten his act together, but will Hannah be OK dating someone who doesn't crave her outrageous antics?

    Adam plans to move in with Ray for a while, and here's hoping these two eccentric lovebirds reconcile before their separate careers draw them further apart. One thing's for certain: Hannah actually looks really great in a blond wig.

    "Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

  • Oscar Nominee June Squibb as the Cutest Grandma Ever on 'Girls'

    Joyce Edwards at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    At the request of Hannah's mom, Hannah and Adam lie and tell her that they're getting married, to which Grandma Flo gives sage advice about spousal murder.

    Sadly, Grandma Flo passes away this episode, but we can all rest easy knowing that she lived a long life filled with love and lots of cheese sandwiches.

    "Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

  • Guess Who's Back on 'Girls'? Hint: She Loves Mochi and Gloating

    Joyce Edwards at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    This week's episode of "Girls" introduces some big changes, a huge brat from the past, and an even bigger Broadway diva.

    Hannah interviews Broadway musical legend Patti LuPone for an advertorial article about osteoporosis for GQ, while Adam lands his first Broadway role. Meanwhile, the gang hangs at the Gramercy Park Hotel courtesy of Hannah's job and gets acquainted with Adam's new co-star Desi.

    All of this aside, the highlight of the episode is the reintroduction of the ever obnoxious and always hilarious Soo Jin.

    Living in her own personal "Truman Show," Soo Jin is opening her own art gallery at her parents' expense and totally rubs loads of salt into Marnie's growing emotional wounds when they run into each other.

    Woe is Soo Jin as she shops and lives her dream, one humblebrag at a time.

    Just as Marnie's about to lose it, she channels her jealousy into insane plastic affection and traps Soo Jin in the most uncomfortable and prolonged side hug imaginable.

    Torturous to watch, but some instant karma for Soo Jin's ridiculous gloating. Bye, Soo Jin. Love you, mean it!

    "Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

  • A 'Girls' Getaway Has the Ladies Dancing Through Drama

    Joyce Edwards at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    The foursome's feeling a bit estranged so Marnie plans an intense theraputic weekend at a family friend's beach house to help everyone reconnect on this week's "Girls." Splashing in the pool, endless girltalk, and sunshine fill their morning. What could go wrong?

    Marnie's neurotic weekend filled with structured grocery trips and trust exercises goes off course immediately when Hannah runs into her ex-boyfriend, Elijah. Yes, that Elijah, who is now gay and who happened to have contributed to an overall friendship riff when he slept with Marnie. Elijah joins the weekend events with his new boyfriend and their crew of broadway trained dancers. Marnie starts losing control over the weekend as heavy drinking and some rather inspired choreographed dance routines take over.

    After a full-on friendship breakup, the girls sleep off their stuper and wake up in the morning to silent anger and hangovers. Friendships like these always have a way of working through the baggage, especially when in lieu of exhausted conversation there's a group dance routine that says it all.

    "Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

  • How to Win Over the Hearts of 'Girls': Free Food

    Joyce Edwards at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    The central route to a girl's heart is truly via food, and "Girls" steers the course in a hilarious episode stocked with plenty of free grub.

    Marnie and Ray rekindle their supposed non-friendship and non-relationship with some trashy television and complimentary vegan muffins from Ray's coffee shop. Though they still refuse to admit to the outside world that they even talk to each other, their relationship is showing a lot of genuine potential. Ray's eagerness to please (along with an extra order of dumplings at lunch) does wonders for their rapport and might actually convince Marnie to give him a real shot. Let's be on the lookout for a Shoshanna meltdown once she catches wind of this budding romance.

    Hannah takes a job at GQ as an advertorial writer, which compromises her integrity as a "real" writer. But a great team of coworkers, job security, and a kitchen full of free snacks helps Hannah justify her choice to give a corporate job a shot.

    "Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

  • 'Girls' GIFs of the Week: Hannah's the Worst

    Joyce Edwards at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    This week on "Girls," things start getting messy in "Hannah's world," and she's about to get nuclear. Are we on the cusp of another full-blown Hannah meltdown, à la Season 2?

    Hannah attends her late editor David's funeral and learns from his wife (!!) that her book isn't going to be published. She also learns that, apparently, David isn't gay.

    Always one to make literally everything about herself, Hannah asks David's widow for publishing references to take her writing elsewhere. All while still at his funeral. Needless to say, it doesn't go over well.

    Cashing in the widow's favor instantly, Hannah meets with a top publishing house and is "surprised" when they instantly want to publish her book-slash-she totally believes it's warranted.

    When asked the dreaded questions,"Who are you, really?" and "What is your personal brand?" Hannah makes a slam dunk by citing her Midwestern roots and subsequent brand as Tombstone Pizza. Mmmm, Tombstone Pizza really is the bomb.

    "Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.