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  • What is the Khorasan group?

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News with Katie Couric4 days ago

    By Kaye Foley

    There's a new name in terror — the Khorasan group.

    On Sept. 22, the U.S. and allies launched airstrikes in Syria against the Islamic State militants. But the U.S. went on a solo mission that night as well, witheight separateairstrikes against the Khorasan group.

    So who are these guys? Well, Khorasan actually stems from a familiar foe.

    It is a small network of an estimated 50 or so al-Qaida veterans who set up shop in Syria, benefiting from the cover of civil war and the protection of the Syrian al-Qaida affiliate al-Nusra Front. Although the group was brought to public attention in the past week, Attorney General Eric Holder said in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric the U.S. has been watching Khorasan for two years.

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  • Researcher Claims Food Allergies Could Be Caused By Antibiotics

    Katie Couric at Katie Couric News Video5 days ago

    By Gabe Noble

    Giovanni Cipriano was an ordinary 14-year-old high school freshman who had a passion for baseball and had just made the honor roll. One quiet night, as he snacked on trail mix and watched a movie with his mother, his throat began to incessantly itch. Unbeknown to Giovanni and his mother, there were peanuts in the mix, which he had been allergic to since he was 18 months old. His mother gave him a double dose of Benadryl and frantically rushed to the hospital.

    "I took his hand and I said, 'Don’t worry, we’re here.' And when I grabbed his hand, he was cold and his body was blue," Giovanni’s mother, Georgina told Yahoo News and Finance Anchor Bianna Golodryga from her home in Long Island, NY. The anaphylactic reaction led to a coma, and he died several weeks later.

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  • Revealing al-Qaida offshoot’s terror plot, Holder vows renewed fight

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News with Katie Couric8 days ago

    By Andrew Romano

    On Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Holder, who is widely expected to step down from his post sometime after this year's midterm elections, provided Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric with an exclusive inside look at the domestic and international challenges that will define what may be his final months at the Justice Department, touching on everything from President Barack Obama's recent assault on the shadowy al-Qaida affiliate known as Khorasan to his own sweeping plans for sentencing reform. And perhaps thinking about his legacy, Holder brashly defended his ill-fated decision to try alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in civilian court, the most controversial move of his tenure.

    Speaking only hours after the administration expanded its ongoing air war against Islamic extremists into Syria, Holder revealed that Khorasan — a militant group new to most Americans but "known to [the White House] for two years," according to Holder — had been "very close" to launching a terror attack on the U.S. prior to Monday's bombing campaign.

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  • Bill O'Reilly: 'Killing Patton'

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News with Katie Couric8 days ago

    By Katie Couric

    Bill O'Reilly likes to kill people. In the figurative sense. The outspoken Fox News Channel anchor has just released "Killing Patton," his latest book in a series that includes "Killing Lincoln," "Killing Kennedy" and "Killing Jesus."   This latest effort is an in-depth examination of the legendary World War II general and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. O'Reilly also takes a close look at other key figures of the time including Hitler, Stalin and Churchill.   I recently spoke to the"O'Reilly Factor" hostabout his book and the numerous headline-making subjects he covers every night.

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  • An O-mazing Night For Stand Up To Cancer

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News with Katie Couric21 days ago

    By Katie Couric

    This year's Stand Up To Cancer event was filled with celebrities, but it turns out the real superstars were the viewers. Thanks to all of you who tuned in, stood up, and gave so generously, we raised more than $109 million dollars!

    The money will be put to excellent use by cancer research Dream Teams, groups of the best and brightest scientists from around the world, developing treatments and cures for the people who need them now. We are also proud to announce the launch of two new Dream Teams dedicated to developing new therapeutic interventions for lung and ovarian cancers.

    This year, I had a special date with me, Athena Damdounis of Manchester, New Hampshire. A month ago, Omaze, the online charity auction, offered up a chance for someone to be my VIP guest and walk the red carpet at this year's SU2C event.  Athena won. For as little as ten dollars, anyone can enter for a chance to win this once-in-a-lifetime experience. This year, SU2C raised $50,000 through Omaze.

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  • Fantasy Football Explained

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News with Katie Couric26 days ago

    By Katie Couric Fall means apple cider, pumpkin picking, and a classic American pastime — no, not football — fantasy football.

    An estimated 30 million Americans play the cybersport. From politicians like President Obama, who famously played with sportswriter Rick Reilly in 2008, to celebrities like Elizabeth Banks, Jason Bateman, and Paul Rudd, to professional football players themselves, it seems almost everyone has a team.

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