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  • Best Friends: A canyon paradise for homeless animals

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News 1 mth ago

    “Our mission is to end the killing of shelter pets.” For the past thirty years, Frances Battista and a group of friends have been working hard to accomplish that mission, founding Best Friends Animal Society and building the largest no-kill sanctuary for homeless animals in need. Located in the beautiful red rocks of Kanab, Utah, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is home to about 1,700 animals — cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, horses, goats, pigs and sheep — just to name a few. 

    “The animals here are not going to be put down — not going to be killed for any reason — unless it’s a matter of kindness or compassion or a genuine act of mercy,” Battista says. 

    Best Friends operates pet adoption centers and spay/neuter clinics in Los Angeles, New York City and Salt Lake City.

  • On the road with Dr. Ben Carson

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News 2 mths ago

    Ben Carson is neck and neck with Donald Trump for the lead in the South Carolina primary — so when he’s on the ground in the Palmetto State, every second counts.

    On Friday, Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric was granted unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Carson’s nonstop day in Greenville — from breakfast meetings (over orange juice, not coffee), to travel on his campaign bus (dubbed the “Healer Hauler”), to multiple private meetings, campaign events, selfie requests,  and everything in between.

    South Carolina’s population is 28 percent African-American — yet only 1 percent of voters in the voted in the 2012 Republican primary were black.  The crowds that came out for Carson on his Friday in Greenville were almost entirely white, and Couric asked if this was a concern for the campaign.

    (Photo: Erik S. Lesser/EPA for Yahoo News)

    “Both!” Carson exclaimed.

  • The cloud explained

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News with Katie Couric 7 mths ago

    Still, this cloud cover isn’t rolling away anytime soon. Ninety percent of global Internet users are on it, and 80 percent of small businesses in the U.S. are expected to use cloud computing by 2020. So at least after watching this video you can say, “Now I get it.”


  • Jim Obergefell on historic gay marriage ruling

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News 7 mths ago


    Jim Obergefell finally feels like a “real, equal American.”

    Obergefell was lead plaintiff in the historic Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges that on Friday legalized same sex marriage in the United States. He spoke to Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric ahead of the decision, and again Friday amid celebrations outside the Supreme Court.

    As the ruling was read aloud, “about two sentences in I started to cry and I cried the whole time,” he said.

    Obergefell filed his suit after learning his name could not appear on the death certificate of his husband John Arthur, who died of ALS in 2013. The couple traveled to Maryland to get married in the last months of Arthur’s life, as their home state of Ohio did not recognize same-sex marriage.

    “It was an incredible experience to hear a Supreme Court justice talk about how my marriage, my relationship, how John and I matter. How we deserve respect and dignity and I started to feel a lot more like a full, equal American at that moment,” he said.


  • What does SCOTUS Obamacare ruling mean?

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News 7 mths ago

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Thursday to uphold the availability of tax subsidies related to President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, the 2010 Affordable Care Act better known as Obamacare. Yahoo global news anchor Katie Couric hosted a special live discussion of the ruling with Yahoo News chief White House correspondent Olivier Knox, Yahoo News national affairs reporter Liz Goodwin, and National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeff Rosen.



  • SCOTUS Obamacare Case explained

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News with Katie Couric 7 mths ago

    By Kaye Foley

    A decision is expected by the Supreme Court soon on the fate of a key feature of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. If the justices vote in favor ofKing v. Burwell,it could mean the loss of subsidies for millions of Americans, making their health insurance no longer affordable.  

    Congress passed the law in 2010, and it required that everyone buy health insurance. Each state was to set up its own insurance exchange, or a health care marketplace, where residents could look at various plans available and select the one that worked best for them. Since plans were still expensive, the law also allowed for the government to offer subsidies to people who qualified.   Thirty-four states opted not to set up their own marketplaces. This meant that the states defaulted to the federal marketplace instead. And subsidies have still been provided to those residents. 

    This is where the Supreme Court stepped in. 

    So whether Obamacare pulls through or not, at least after watching this video you can say, “Now I get it.”  



  • South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley calls for removal of Confederate flag

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News 7 mths ago


    In a press conference Monday afternoon, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley joined those calling on state lawmakers to remove the Confederate flag from a war memorial on the state Capitol grounds. The announcement comes days after the massacre of nine members of Charleston's historic Emanuel church by alleged gunman Dylann Roof.   Yahoo global news anchor Katie Couric hosted a live stream of Gov. Haley's address and was joined for discussion by Morris Dees, co-founder of Southern Poverty Law Center and Jon Ward, Yahoo Senior Political Correspondent.

  • Skrillex: The making of a superstar

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News with Katie Couric 7 mths ago


    By Katie Brinn and Andrew Rothschild

    “He was super-polite,” Moore says of his first encounter with Justin Bieber at a party at New York Fashion Week earlier this year. The rest was history. Teaming up as Jack Ü, Skrillex and Diplo worked on Bieber’s a cappella vocal track to make a hit that few of his fans saw coming.

    Sporting a hardcore look from an early age, Moore says he is no stranger to being misunderstood. “You’re always bullied if you’re an emo kid,” he admits. But he says his parents were always supportive of his alternative style and his unconventional ambitions. The family hit a rough patch when Moore learned at age 16 that his parents had adopted him. He says his music helped him get through that period and has helped as he deals with another trial his family is now facing: the recent death of his mother. He talks about his relationship with her, how his family has come together to mourn and how Scientology has long helped his family cope with hardship.


  • The summer blockbuster explained

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News with Katie Couric 7 mths ago

    By Kaye Foley  

    June 20 is the fortieth anniversary of our introduction to a great white shark with an axe to grind in Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws.” 

    Before 1975, the movies released between May and August were typically B-movies. But after weeks of sold-out crowds and $260 million in U.S. ticket sales, “Jaws” proved that summertime could mean big business at the box office.  

    And with that, the summer blockbuster was born.

    Hollywood honchos figured out there are some surefire ways to wind up with a megahit when it comes to these big-budget films. That often means action, superheroes, or the supernatural. Oh, and once you’ve struck gold, keep digging. Sequels are a seasonal staple. (Here’s looking at you, “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.)  








  • Pope releases major climate change doctrine

    Katie Couric at Yahoo News with Katie Couric 8 mths ago

    Sarah B. Boxer

    On Wednesday morning, Pope Francis released his first major teaching letter — known as an encyclical — and it focuses on a “hot-button topic” around the world: climate change.

    In the letter, the pope focuses on humans’ role in causing climate change. “We must be grateful for the praiseworthy efforts being made by scientists and engineers dedicated to finding solutions to man-made problems,” he writes. 

    The pope continues, and does not mince words: “But a sober look at our world shows that the degree of human intervention, often in the service of business interests and consumerism, is actually making our earth less rich and beautiful, ever more limited and grey, even as technological advances and consumer goods continue to abound limitlessly.”

    In an interview with Yahoo global news anchor Katie Couric, Erin Lothes of the Catholic Climate Covenant called the document “historic.”