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  • Football team rallies around 6-year-old suit-wearing water coach

    The Sideshow11 mths ago

    Danny Keefe has childhood apraxia of speech, which means he doesn't speak very well. He also loves to wear suits and ties, even though he's only 6 years old.

    So when 11-year-old Tommy Cooney heard Danny was getting picked on at school because of the way he talks, he decided to do something about it.

    He put on a suit and tie, too.

    Their relationship began this past spring when Danny asked his mom if he could join the Bridgewater (Mass.) Badgers peewee football team as water coach. The team's coach, Thomas Cooney, said yes and Danny was given a football jersey like the rest of the team.

    "But he asked Coach Cooney if it would be OK if he didn't wear the shirt, but he could he wear his suits and a hat to the games," Danny's mother, Jennifer Keefe, told Yahoo News. "He just feels more comfortable."

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  • Denver Post seeks marijuana editor

    The Sideshow11 mths ago

    Denver Post seeking a weed editor. #pot

    And they say there are no good jobs out there anymore. The Denver Post is seeking a new section editor to "oversee the maintenance and development of a recreational marijuana website." Paging Willie Nelson! A partial image of the job description was posted to Twitter by Steve McMillan, an editor at the Denver Post. Colorado recently legalized the use of recreatrional marijuana for adults. The image was quickly retweeted and drew snarky and enthusiastic comments.

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  • MSNBC's Martin Bashir apologizes for offensive Palin remark

    The Sideshow11 mths ago

    MSNBC commentator Martin Bashir issued an apology on Monday for suggesting that someone should defecate on former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The remark, which Bashir made on his MSNBC program, sparked a firestorm of criticism. Bashir was responding to a comment Palin made in which the former Alaska governor compared the U.S. debt to slavery. On Monday, an apologetic Bashir addressed his audience:

    Bashir went on to say that he deeply regrets his words and that he learned "a sober lesson" and intends to learn from the experience. His apology concluded:

    Speaking at a fundraiser in Iowa on Nov. 9, Palin compared the government to a slick marketer, according to the Des Moines Register.

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  • Ocean cleanup yields over 2 million cigarette butts

    Michael Krumboltz at The Upbeat1 yr ago

    The Ocean Conservancy recently reported that volunteers removed millions of pounds of garbage from beaches and oceans during the organization's 2012 International Coastal Cleanup day.

    That's admirable by itself. But we're particularly impressed that the volunteers also counted and categorized each and every bit of garbage. That's dedication.

    The top item picked up, according to the report from the Ocean Conservancy: cigarette butts—2,117,931 of them. Other trash included: food wrappers and containers (1,140,222), beverage bottles (1,065,171), plastic bags (1,019,902) and bottle caps (958,893).

    The volunteers also found unexpected bits of refuse, including 40 lottery tickets (we're guessing none were winners), 236 toothbrushes and 117 mattresses.

    Interested in helping out? This year's International Coastal Cleanup day is Sept. 21.

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