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  • 'Jersey Shore' to Fix Iconic Haunts?

    Sheila Marikar at ABC News Blogs1 yr ago

    While the stars of the " Jersey Shore" are asking fans to support victims of Hurricane Sandy by donating to the Red Cross, their boss and landlord is taking a more hands-on approach. Danny Merk plans to grab plywood, fly north, and fix up the iconic house and store frequented by Snooki & Co. as soon as Seaside Heights authorities let him back in town.

    Merk, who owns the home where the cast of the MTV reality show lived for four seasons and the Shore Store where they worked, spoke to today from Florida, where he's helping his family run their chain of Halloween stores.

    "Sandy devastated us," he said. "I saw some pictures people sent me. My store's gates are crashed in. There's no boardwalk. I don't even understand how bad it is yet."

    "We were on such a high after the show," he added. "We were the town on the rise, a freight train, a roller coaster. It's just a terrible thing."

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