MTV occupies Wall Street in upcoming ‘True Life’ episode

The Occupy Wall Street protest is about to get the MTV reality show treatment.

MTV News revealed on Monday that the network has embedded its cameras with a handful of the protesters in lower Manhattan for an upcoming episode of "True Life," one of the network's long-running reality series.

"True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street," slated to air on Nov. 5 on MTV, will focus on four of the protesters in Zuccotti Park.

From the episode's description:

Viewers will be introduced to Bryan, one of the leaders of the Occupy sanitation team. You'll watch as he steels himself against a potential fight with the city when he fears that their request to clean the park is an excuse to evict the protesters.

"True Life" viewers will also meet college students Kait and Caitlin, who are so worried that they won't be able to find jobs after graduation that they set out to recruit their friends to join the cause as they work to keep spirits high among the occupants. The episode will also spotlight Jen, an experienced protestor who struggles to strike a balance between organizing a successful anti-Afghanistan war demonstration and keeping her job as a paralegal.

Of course, the protesters haven't staked out a thorough repudiation of the capitalist status quo; they have, after all, agreed to be included in a show that will sell advertising against it--contributing to the bottom line of MTV parent Viacom, a company that's publicly traded on Wall Street, appears to have been lost on them.

But since the occupation of Wall Street began last month, protesters have readily swapped the perception of political purity for wider public exposure, participating in interviews with any conglomerate-owned media outlets willing to broadcast them.

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