George Zimmerman Myspace page: Trayvon Martin shooter called Mexicans ‘wanna be thugs’

George Zimmerman's 2005 Myspace page, unearthed by the Miami Herald on Wednesday, suggests Trayvon Martin's shooter had a history of racial profiling.

On Wednesday, Zimmerman's lawyer, Mark O'Mara, confirmed that the page—registered under the username "onlytobekingagain"—was real.

In the "About me" section, Zimmerman—identified as "Joe G."—expressed resentment toward Mexicans living in his former Manassas, Va., community:

I dont miss driving around scared to hit mexicans walkin on the side of the street, soft ass wanna be thugs messin with peoples cars when they aint around (what are you provin, that you can dent a car when no ones watchin) dont make you a man in my book. Workin 96 hours to get a decent pay check, gettin knifes pulled on you by every mexican you run into!

Zimmerman lists his ethnicity on MySpace as "Latino / Hispanic," religion as "Catholic," his height as 5'10" and sexual orientation as "straight." According to his 2005 profile, he's a non-smoker, a drinker, a Libra and would like children "someday." He graduated from Osbourn High School in Manassas in 2001, and had 39 friends on MySpace.

In a post dated Aug. 24, 2005, Zimmerman downplayed an alleged domestic dispute involving his ex-girlfriend: "Im still free! The ex hoe tried her hardest, but the judge saw through it! Big Mike, reppin the Dverse security makin me look a million bucks, broke her down! Thanks to everyone for checkin up on me!"

In another, on Aug. 30, 2005, he boasted about how a pair of felony charges related to an alleged assault on a police officer were dropped. "2 felonies dropped to 1 misdemeanor!!!!!!!!!!!" Zimmerman wrote.

O'Mara initially tried to get Zimmerman—who ignored advice from his former lawyers and launched a website that solicited PayPal donations for his defense—to remove his Web presence out of fear of tainting a potential jury pool. But after learning that the site had raised more than $200,000, O'Mara launched, a site that includes a space for supporters to donate to Zimmerman's defense fund.

"Some have called it unethical, and some have called it brilliant; however, we believe much of the controversy is about the medium, not the message," O'Mara wrote in a blog post on the site. "Using social media in a high-profile lawsuit is new, and relatively unprecedented, but that is only because social media itself is relatively new. We repeat our contention that social media in this day and age cannot be ignored, and it would be, in fact, irresponsible to ignore the robust online conversation."

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