Canadian police waiting for alleged thief to ‘pass’ swallowed diamond

All things must pass. At least that's the plan in place for police in Ontario who are waiting for a man to extricate a $20,000 diamond from his body, after he allegedly swallowed the stolen gem last week.

The Canada Press reports that Richard Mackenzie Matthews, 52, is being held by police after allegedly swapping out a real diamond for a fake one at Precision Jewelers and then swallowing the 1.7-carat stone. Sgt. Brett Corey says Matthews has gone to the bathroom several times since being detained but the diamond is still in the rough, so to speak.

When police subjected Matthews to an X-ray they actually discovered a pair of fake diamonds inside his intestines. But Corey said that because actual diamonds are translucent, the missing stone did not show up in the scan. Matthews is reportedly "eager" to transfer the merchandise and is cooperating with police, according to Corey.

Matthews is currently charged with theft and breach of court conditions. He also has outstanding warrants in Toronto.

Corey said police initially gave Matthews laxatives but are now feeding him "whatever he wants" in order to expedite things.

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