Celebrate Thanksgiving by watching Lady Gaga deep-fry waffles

ABC is celebrating Thanksgiving this year with "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving," a 90-minute prime-time special hosted by, naturally, Lady Gaga.

The first promotions for the special, which was conceived and directed by Gaga herself, seem to preview an unexpected side of the well-known provocateur that her fans may have not previously seen.

Rather than shocking outfits or elaborate stage performances (though those may be in store as well), ABC has announced that the special will feature Gaga performing a duet with 85-year-old jazz singer Tony Bennett, a tearful interview with Katie Couric and Gaga learning to make deep-fried turkey and waffles for her Thanksgiving guests with chef Art Smith.

In an interview, Smith says of his cooking partner: "She's very proud of her roots. It's important for people to see that this amazing woman has a family that supports her."

The Hollywood Reporter adds that Gaga's guests "include a small troupe of children, shown in the preview gathered around Gaga while she blows glitter on them."

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