Dog bites into spray can; explosion ignites kitchen fire (VIDEO)

In the words of his human mom, 8-year-old Yogi is one "rotten" dog. But after the incorrigible Corgi caused a kitchen fire that was caught on film, she's just happy he's safe and sound.

Hali Hudson had agreed to let Yogi appear on an episode of the new animal Web series, "Pet Sense," being produced by the Pet Collective. In the premiere episode, Yogi was brought in to work with an "animal communicator" who was supposed to help adjust his rambunctious behavior.

You see, Yogi "hates" cleaning supplies. And Hudson says the otherwise sweet dog has always been that way since she first adopted him from a breeder in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when he was just two months old.

"When he was younger, I'd yell at him to come back," Hudson said in a phone interview with Yahoo News. "He'd just ignore me. And then I'd grab the Lysol can, spray it, and he would come running back."

For the taping of the show, Hudson opened the doors to her kitchen cabinet under the sink so the "Pet Sense" producers could film Yogi in action. And he didn't disappoint--immediately attacking the various cans of cleaning supplies. However, he also clamped down on a bottle of black spray paint, which then exploded.

Yogi was unhurt and didn't seem to mind the black paint covering his face. But as Hudson escorted Yogi off-camera to clean him up, the camera kept rolling in the kitchen. And that's when aerosol from the ruptured can mixed with the pilot light inside Hudson's oven, causing a sudden explosion that was captured on film.

Thankfully, the fire was safely put out. Yogi, Hali and the "Pet Sense" film crew were all OK. So, was it all worth it? Has Yogi learned his lesson and become the well-behaved dog his mom hoped for?

"His behavior is still as rotten as ever. He still hates cleaning supplies. Nothing's changed but I didn't really expect it to," Hudson said, with a laugh.

The only real difference now is that she keeps the space underneath her kitchen sink free of all canine temptations.

And here's a follow-up interview with Hudson and the camera crew about their experience:

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