DNC attacks Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper in new ad

Democrats accuse Mitt Romney of behaving as if he's two men "trapped" in the same body in a new television attack ad set to air this week in several cities across the country.

In an effort to build on their decision to label Romney a "flip-flopper" this election season, the Democratic National Committee uses the commercial to question the former Massachusetts governor' position on health care and abortion. (You can view the ad above.)

"From the creator of 'I'm running for office for Pete's sake,' comes the story of two men trapped in one body," the ad's narrator states, spoofing a film trailer. The commercial, paid for by the Democratic National Committee, will be aired in Albuquerque, N.M., Raleigh, N.C., Columbus, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Penn., Milwaukee, Wis. and Washington, D.C. The ad points viewers to website mittvmitt.com where visitors as of Monday were able to view a four-minute video building on the same flip-flopper theme.

The strategy feeds into Romney's campaign argument that President Obama and his supporters view Romney as their biggest threat for 2012.

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul on Sunday turned the ad around on Democrats, arguing in a statement that Obama is the one who should be faulted for changing his positions:

President Obama will say and do anything to hold on to power. Despite what he said he would do for the middle class, President Obama has failed to create a single net new job and has wreaked more havoc on the middle class than any president in modern history. President Obama himself concedes he hasn't delivered on his campaign promises--however, he is still asking Americans to reward his failures with a second term. It is clear that this election is going to be about Candidate Obama running against President Obama.

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