Florida residents: Show us your primary!

Hey Floridians: we want to see Tuesday's primary through your camera (or cellphone) lens. If you're headed to the polls tomorrow, send us your pictures of polling sites, yard signs, even those last-minute fliers that have been stuck in your door or mailbox. We want to see what this hotly contested primary looks like to you. (Update: We want to remind folks that taking photos in the polling place is not permitted under Florida law. Thanks to WTVT-TV, Fox 13 for the reminder.)

Email your photos to showthecandidates@yahoo.com. Please include your full name, the location the photo was taken, and a few lines about what is pictured.

We intend to publish the best photos on Yahoo News, as we did in this slideshow of photos from the Iowa caucuses.

Read more coverage of the 2012 Florida primary at Yahoo News.

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