Marco Rubio reminds supporters he is still paying off student loans

Marco Rubio may be a senator—and a widely discussed pick to be Mitt Romney's running mate—but he still writes a check every month to pay down his student loan debt.

After Senate Republicans blocked a vote to extend a low interest rate on federally subsidized student loans Tuesday, Rubio released a statement reminding supporters that he, too, is still paying off his education.

"I think I am one of the only senators here who still has a student loan," Rubio, 40, said in a statement. "As someone with a student loan and with a state with so many people with student loans, I support a hundred percent making sure that the interest rates on student loans do not go up."

Rubio's latest financial disclosure shows that the freshman senator took out loans of between $100,000 to $250,000 to finance his education in the 1990s. Rubio received his undergraduate degree at the public University of Florida and a law degree from the private, more expensive University of Miami.

Rubio is not the first politician to mention student loans as an an ongoing financial burden. President Barack Obama and his wife just finished paying off their loans eight years ago while he was in the Illinois Legislature. Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy last year said he was still working to pay off his own educational debt.

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