Romney campaign ad touts steel mill boosted by Bain investment

Just hours after President Barack Obama's re-election campaign tied Mitt Romney to the bankruptcy of a Missouri steel company, the Romney campaign is out with its own Web video highlighting a steel company it says Romney helped save.

The video, entitled "American Dream," zeroes in on Steel Dynamics Inc., an Indiana company that Bain Capital invested in when Romney worked at the venture capital firm.

The video features Steel Dynamics employees talking about the company's origins and current success—with an unidentified man, speaking in a voice-over, suggesting it wouldn't be possible had Romney and his "private sector leadership team" not gotten involved.

"SDI almost never got started," the ad says. "When others shied away, Mitt Romney's private sector leadership team stepped in."

Notably, the minute-long ad never mentions Bain, Romney's former employer, by name. And it also doesn't bring up the $37 million in government subsidies the company received that contributed to its survival.

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