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Romney ties Perry to California Democrats in new web ad

Chris Moody, Yahoo News
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Businessman Herman Cain may be the candidate currently threatening former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the polls, but Romney's campaign continues to focus on Texas Gov. Rick Perry. On Wednesday, Romney's team released a video comparing Perry to California's Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.

The 33-second spot claims that liberals in California adopted ideas that Perry supports, including allowing children of illegal immigrants to receive state-subsidized tuition rates at public universities.

You can watch the video here:

Team Perry hit back at Romney Wednesday morning, calling him "hypocritical."

"Governor Perry is the only candidate in the race with front line experience on border security and immigration issues. It's hypocritical for Mitt Romney to be critical on this issue considering he not only hired illegal immigrants but also provided them with free healthcare when he was governor," Perry spokesman Mark Miner told Politico.

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