New Romney video argues election isn’t about Bain Capital, but about Obama’s economy

Mitt Romney's campaign is out with a new video suggesting President Barack Obama is trying to deflect attention away from his economic record by attacking Romney's history at Bain Capital.

The minute-long video, titled "Stories From the Obama Economy," kicks off with footage of Obama's comments at a press conference in Chicago Monday suggesting his re-election campaign's focus on Bain is not a "distraction," but rather "what this campaign is going to be about."

As ominous music cues up, a message flashes on the screen: "No, Mr. President, it's about this..."

From there, the video flashes to a split screen of voters talking about struggles under the Obama economy.

"We've seen layoffs, cutbacks," a woman says on one side of the screen, as the other side shows a man silent, a pained look on his face.

"They've lost their houses, they have zero credit and they can't find jobs," another man says.

"I just lost my job recently," a woman says, as footage on the opposite screen features a picture of a sad child.

"I expected great things from the president when he was elected, and now, it is just a feeling of disappointment that he has not been able to fulfill all of the things, all of the changes that he talked about," another woman says.

The spot concludes with the message "Believe in America," followed by "November 6, 2012"—the date of the upcoming general election.

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