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  • Photos show gruesome Islamic State seizure of base

    BEIRUT (AP) — The mother of a hostage American journalist pleaded for his release Wednesday in a video directed at the Islamic State group, while new images emerged of mass killings, including masked militants shooting kneeling men after the capture of a strategic air base in Syria.

    Associated Press11 mins ago
  • AP ANALYSIS: A grim stalemate at war's end in Gaza

    TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — The third Gaza War in six years appears to have ended in another sort of tie, with both Israel and Hamas claiming the upper hand. Their questionable achievements have come at a big price, especially to long-suffering Palestinians in Gaza.

    Associated Press
  • UN scales up food supplies for Iraqis fleeing conflict

    The UN food aid agency said Wednesday that a convoy of supplies had reached 2,000 desperate families, crammed into the Iraqi city of Karbala after fleeing jihadist attacks. It said the delivery brings to 700,000 the total number of Iraqis receiving World Food Programme assistance since June, when…

  • Sources: US considering new relief mission in Iraq

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is considering launching a humanitarian relief operation for Shiite Turkmen in northern Iraq who have been under siege for weeks by Islamic State militants, U.S. defense officials said Wednesday.

    Associated Press
  • Mom pleads for release of captive US journalist

    MIAMI (AP) — The mother of an American freelance journalist held hostage and threatened with death by Islamic militants pleaded for his release Wednesday in a video message aimed directly at his captors.

    Associated Press
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  • A broken man living on dreams pulls Japan into Syria hostage drama

    By Teppei Kasai and Antoni Slodkowski TOKYO (Reuters) - When Haruna Yukawa was captured in Syria earlier this month, a video apparently released by his captors showed them pressing the Japanese man to answer questions friends say he had struggled with for years: Who are you? Why are you here? …

  • Erdogan rules out obedient role for successor

    ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish President-elect Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday rejected claims that Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who is set to replace him as prime minister, would merely do his bidding as he continues to rule Turkey from behind the scenes.

    Associated Press
  • Medtronic spends $350M on another European deal

    U.S. medical device maker Medtronic is building stronger ties to Europe, a couple months after announcing a $42.9 billion acquisition that involves moving its main executive offices across the Atlantic, where it can get a better tax deal.

    Associated Press
  • New counterterrorism units at Australian airports

    CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — New counterterrorism units have been working at Australia's two largest airports since last week and had already intercepted a person of interest, the prime minister said Wednesday.

    Associated Press
  • US rules out coordination with Syria as it spies on jihadists

    The United States has begun reconnaissance flights over Syria to track Islamic State jihadists but insisted it has "no plans" to coordinate with Syria on targeting the militants. Numerous sources said foreign drones had been seen, with the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reporting that…

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  • American fighting for IS killed in Syria

    An American fighting for the Islamic State was killed over the weekend in Syria, US officials said, underlining growing concerns about Westerners signing up for extremist groups in the Middle East. The United States had been aware that Douglas McCain, 33, a one-time aspiring rapper and basketball…

  • Saudi police arrest eight suspected jihadist recruiters

    Saudi police have arrested eight people in the northwest suspected of recruiting young people to join the Islamic State jihadist group in Iraq and Syria, the interior ministry said Tuesday. Police in Tamir, 150 kilometres (100 miles) north of Riyadh, arrested eight people "who deluded young people…

  • Libya air strikes show UAE willing to 'go it alone'

    UAE air strikes on Libya aim to prevent Islamists from controlling the violence-stricken country and sends a message to Washington that it is capable of protecting its own interests, experts say. United States officials said that United Arab Emirates warplanes secretly bombed Islamist militia…

  • Obama says 'justice will be done' for Islamic State killers

    By Mark Felsenthal and Phil Stewart CHARLOTTE N.C./WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama vowed "justice will be done" against the Islamic State killers of American journalist James Foley on Tuesday as the United States sought to identify targets for potential airstrikes in Syria. Obama's…

  • Gaza ceasefire takes hold as focus turns to longer term

    By Nidal al-Mughrabi and Ari Rabinovitch GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians aimed at ending their seven-week conflict in Gaza appeared to be holding early on Wednesday as the focus shifted to securing an arrangement for the long term. No clear victor…

  • Burger King, Tim Hortons merge to form fast-food giant

    Burger King is buying Canada's Tim Hortons coffee-and-donuts chain in an $11.4 billion deal that raised concerns about another US company moving abroad for tax advantages. Burger King Worldwide denied that the deal announced Tuesday, which would create the world's third-largest fast-food company,…

  • Boko Haram seeking attention with caliphate call: experts

    Boko Haram's declaration of a caliphate in Nigeria may have been prompted by the attention heaped on Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq, experts said, but the pronouncement may have deeper roots. The Nigerian group announced in a video obtained by AFP on Sunday that the captured town of Gwoza in…