Bernie Sanders on what he learned from baseball, Brooklyn and his family's immigrant roots

Hunter Walker
White House Correspondent
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    “I spent the first 18 years of my life in Brooklyn, I went to school in Brooklyn, I went to PS 197, went to James Madison High School, spent a year at Brooklyn College, so obviously Brooklyn is an important part of my life,” Sanders said"

    That statement also indicates he is a native born American, not an immigrant. Immigrant "roots"? Somebody needs to clue him in on the fact that we ALL have immigrant roots if you go back far enough. Somebody also needs to inform Bernie that simply having immigrant roots doesn't qualify him to be the best choice of President.
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    In the world of politics there are two ways to get elected. 1) talk about what your going to do 2) talk about what you have already done.

    So, for example, you have Biden who's entire campaign is based on what happened in the US while he was VP and trying to say "he did that"

    Then there's Bernie who's campaign is based on what he's going to do once he gets elected.

    The reality of Bernie's situation is that he has never, ever, ever actually accomplished anything. All he has is promises, and those promises have to keep getting bigger and bigger to keep people interested.

    There is nothing in the story about Bernie's family tragedies and growing up that explain his communist policies. He simply has to promise more and more free stuff to keep people interested.
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    The vast majority of Americans do not have a problem with immigration when it’s done legally the border jumpers and the ones that over stay work visas are the problem and it has got to be stopped it’s not fair to our citizens when you are denied a job because you don’t speak Spanish.
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    If Pocahontas or Bernie become president, I'm going to immediately have the bank stop my automatic student loan payments since they promised to forgive all debt.
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    I’m glad Bernie is using his campaign time to inform his constituents about his prerogative to help everyone else but them.
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    I would think with all Mr. Sanders resources, education and experience, at some point someone would have explained the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration to him.
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    Trump proposed a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers in 2019 in exchange for border security and immigration reform.. Bernie voted no.. Dems like having the issue, but solving it is not good for their campaign strategies.
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    It all comes down to ownership.

    Some people save up to travel. Others save up to buy real estate. I don't go around telling people that they are obligated to pay for my travel because I can't afford it. I made my choice to buy a house instead.

    See how that works?
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    Technically he really didn’t lose in 2016. He traded it for a water front home.. Technically speaking.
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    Wrong on so many things- the main one being that neither Trump nor his supporters are anti immigrant! There is s legal way to come into this country, work, pay taxes, and make a better life for oneself. Then there’s the illegal way that doesn’t pay taxes and gets government (taxpayer) assistance. THAT’S what Trump and his supporters object to.