'People aren't looking for revolution': Biden takes shot at Sanders after blowout win in South Carolina

Colin Campbell
Managing Editor

Former Vice President Joe Biden, fresh off a big win Saturday in South Carolina’s Democratic primary, had a consistent message across the Sunday talk shows the following day.

“Look, the people aren’t looking for revolution. They’re looking for results,” Biden said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“They’re not looking for revolution. They’re looking for results,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“I think people aren’t looking for revolution. They’re looking for results,” he said on CNN’s “Meet the Press.” He soon added: “This is a long game here, but people want results. They’re not looking for revolution. They’re looking for results.”

Biden’s message is a clear shot at Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, whose candidacy calls for “political revolution” in America. Sanders has surged to become the national Democratic frontrunner after a decisive win last weekend in Nevada’s caucuses, a more narrow win in New Hampshire, and a popular vote win in the Iowa caucuses. Meanwhile, Biden finished a disappointing fourth place in Iowa and a dismal fifth place in New Hampshire.

Former Vice President Joe Biden on ABC's "This Week." (Screenshot: ABC)

But the former vice president’s decisive win in South Carolina offers him the hope of resetting the map. Biden not only won the Palmetto State, he also won every county within it and overall had more than twice the votes of Sanders there. The victory is in part thanks to Biden’s deep base of support among black voters

“I think it’s a big boost,” Biden told Fox News host Chris Wallace. “I think it starts a real comeback. And I think we picked up a lot of delegates, practically speaking, and we now have amassed more popular vote than anyone running for the nomination. But we have a long, long way to go. This is a marathon.”

Wallace asked Biden what will happen if he gets “clobbered” on Super Tuesday, which is just two days away.

“Well, surely, that doesn’t help,” Biden replied. “But there’s a lot of big states coming up after that: Florida and Georgia and Pennsylvania and Michigan, I mean a whole range of states that are still in play.”


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