Slate hires Matthew Yglesias after dismissing his writing on Twitter

Matthew Yglesias is leaving ThinkProgress and heading to Slate. The noted liberal blogger announced on Thursday that he will begin writing Slate's Moneybox column later this month, covering economic policy and business. Yglesias is replacing Annie Lowrey, who left Slate for the New York Times. He'll be based out of Slate's Washington, D.C., office.

In March of last year, after then-Slate blogger Mickey Kaus revealed his $80,000-a-year salary to the New York Times, Yglesias chided Jacob Weisberg, the chairman of the Slate Group, on Twitter:

Hey, @jacobwe, want to pay me $80k to write four blog posts a week?

Weisberg's response:

Don't call us, we'll call you -- when your writing improves.

Guess it improved!

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