Bin Laden’s wives: New video shows family under house arrest in Islamabad

New video aired on Al Arabiya television this week shows Osama bin Laden's three wives, who are currently under house arrest in Islamabad, Pakistan. While security is present, the footage gives a rare glimpse into everyday life for the family of the late terrorist leader.

The women, their faces covered, are shown praying and reading the Quran as their children play with toys nearby.

Bin Laden's wives and two of his daughters are serving 45-day sentences for illegally entering the country, though they have been in government custody last May, when U.S. Navy SEALs shot and killed bin Laden in a raid on their compound. The family is expected to be deported to their home countriesYemen and Saudi Arabiaafter their sentences end on April 18.

"The documents are almost ready for the Yemeni wife," Mohammed Amir Khalil, the family's lawyer, told London's Telegraph. "For the Saudi wives there are still some things to be arranged. Saudi Arabia was initially unwilling to take them back but there is some hope."

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