200 buffalo escape Iowa farm, spotted across five counties in two states

Eric Pfeiffer

"Home on the Range," is the state song of Kansas, but after 200 escaped buffalo made their way across five Iowa counties, the Hawkeye State is singing a similar tune.

The Press-Citizen reports that authorities are still attempting to round up some of the escaped buffalo that broke out of pen at the Frick and Joe Buffalo Ranch on Sunday.

Since their breakout, the buffalo have been spotted in five counties, even crossing into neighboring Minnesota. Lt. Seth Hofman of the Osceola County sheriff's office tells the paper that the buffalo are "really, really fast."

State officials have managed to reclaim most of the wayward buffalo, with about 30 still on the run.

The American buffalo, or bison, are far more agile than their appearance would suggest. They can reportedly jump six feet in the air and seven feet vertically. They have been recorded galloping at speeds of up to 64 mph, although they usually travel at maximum speeds closer to 35 mph.

Although the bison were pushed to the brink of extinction, they have made something of a comeback in recent years. Their meat has a lower fat content than traditional beef cattle and has become a staple of some restaurants around the U.S., including the "Ted's Montana Grill" chain owned by media mogul and environmentalist Ted Turner.

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