Man tries to corral 300-pound gator using towel; doesn’t go so well (VIDEO)

Dylan Stableford

A North Carolina man was bitten on the arm while trying to corral an alligator using a towel.

Fred Boyce, a herpetologist at Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium, was called in to move the 10-foot, 300-pound gator, which had been spotted in a ditch near a highway in Stacy, N.C., on Tuesday. Its attempted removal was caught on video by local firefighters.

"The alligator was kind of isolated in the ditch," North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission captain Richard Venable told CBS' WNCT affiliate. "He was very agitated; he didn't want to move."

"We formed a plan to capture it, put it in a container, and take it away," Venable said.

Boyce placed a towel over the gator's head when it turned and bit his arm, to the shrieks of onlookers.

Boyce was treated at an area hospital and released. The gator was safely removed and released, too.

"Usually our animal bites are someone playing with a snake or someone getting bit by a dog or something to that effect," Fire Chief Phillip Laxton told the network. "Not to this extreme."

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