Nebraska couple wear matching outfits every day for 35 years

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Mel and Joey Schwanke have been married for nearly 65 years. And for more than half that time, they have been wearing matching outfits every single day.

"We don't dare go somewhere without having matching outfits," Mel told Fremont, Neb., affiliate KETV.

The couple reportedly have 146 custom-made matching outfits, which they've been rotating over the course of 35 years. Though to be clear, they don't actually wear the exact same outfit. The customary arrangement is that Mel will wear a tie to match Joey's dress.

"Every day," Mel, 86, said. "Every day, my tie matches her dress."

The trend started as part of the couple's flower shop business, which they operated for more than 60 years. Although they don't recall exactly what inspired the first matching outfit.

"It was before we traveled in '76, so let's see …" Joey, 81, said.

"Oh goodness sakes, no, I don't remember how that first outfit came about," Mel added.

But he is sure about one thing, Joey almost always picks out the matching outfit combinations.

"We kind of decided early in the game that he would be boss from 8 to 5," Joey said. "And I would be boss from 5 to 8 in the morning."

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