Pepsi offering ‘salty watermelon’ flavored soda in Japan

Pepsi Japan is set to unveil a new "salty watermelon" flavored soda that might sound a little unappetizing to U.S. consumers. But Short List reports that the unique mix of flavors actually makes perfect sense in Japan, where adding a dash of salt to watermelon "to bring out the taste" is common practice.

Not to be outdone, Coca-Cola also has strange soda offerings in Japan, where you can buy a clear and flavorless soda known as "The Wellness," which is targeted to health-conscious women.

And our shock at the world's strange soda offerings must be tempered by one of our own nation's proud concoctions, the Bacon Shake.

The salty watermelon flavored soda won't be Pepsi Japan's first unconventional soda offering. It already released "Pepsi White," which was infused with yogurt, and "Pepsi Pink," which had a strawberry milk taste.

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