Pizza Hut unveils cheeseburger crusted pizza

Not content to shock customers with its hot dog stuffed crust fare, Pizza Hut has just unveiled two new decidedly odd pizza creations, including one surrounded by mini cheeseburgers.

What's arguably most interesting about the pizza mashups (there's also one featuring chicken fingers) is that none of them are currently being offered in the U.S. yet that's where they seem to be getting the most attention. Several U.S. media outlets, like the Colbert Report, have devoted segments to mocking the comestible oddities.

The new "Crown Crust Burger" pizza is being sold in the Middle East, while the hot dog stuffed crust option is only available at U.K. locations. The entire Pizza Hut Middle East fan page is kind of weird, including a picture of a delivery man literally emerging from an oven with smoke rising off his body.

Aside from the inherent shock value of offering strange and frankly ridiculous food combinations, does anyone think these new pizzas actually look good? You can decide for yourself in the video below:

The Serious Eats blog adds that the actual Crown Crust Burger pizza itself comes equipped with toppings designed to match the cheeseburger stuffed crust, including cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pieces of beef and an unidentified "special sauce." adds that the chicken finger stuffed crust option also comes with the ambiguous "special sauce," and green peppers.

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